Monday, December 05, 2005

going on a christmas tree hunt!!!

every year we go up to New Plymouth + go to Cedar Lodge + walk around the trees + pick one + then cut it down. I love doing this every year and have made it as one of our traditions. So since I have got into the blog mode today I thought I'd share our wee tradition (for anyone that's interested)!!!! They have the most gorgeous Christmas shop too + the kids get to pick a new decoration every year.
so look out for the next addition of my blog as it will be pics of the kids decorating the tree!!!


nic said...

Must do that. the tree thing. I'm dreading Abby and a Christmas tree in the same house. LOL.


Chris Millar said...

Ok, this is the second time I've left a comment here!! I think it's bouncing me! Love the tree fetching shots! Is there one of the man throwing the tree on the roof of the car???
Is it time for a dirty joke Rach?? What do you call (I'll finish this if I come back tomorrow and don't find an update!LOL)

Anonymous said...

My sister goes here to get her tree each year. Last year mum took us to the lovely shop to get each of my kids a decoration. Hope we do it again this year.
Pls turn on the lovely weather in NP for xmas. While we are there we want to go to Pukekura Park & the Festival of Lights. That's another cool tradition.