Friday, February 06, 2009

Right now..........

it's Waitangi Day + I love a good public holiday but sadly Kev doesn't get the whole day off.......his girls still need to be tended too!! Fingers crossed the worker will loose his cast soon + kev have some milkings off!!

So we are back to school + a routine at last!!
Yes its a good thing but I miss the lets go with the flow thing all day long!!

I haven't done much in the creative department except push some pp around + try to match some pics............nothing is happening + I'm feeling frustrated.........I plan to do some this arvo once I sort Ruby's room out + put in her new desk (but a old desk - my great bargin off Trade Me).

But this is what our first week looked like back at school + kindy.

a visit to the dental clinic

showing us the new skills learnt at golf lessons

chaos in the house!!..............and some thrift buying for Ruby's room!! See that large picture there that will soon be a notice board for her room!

and someone having a sneak into the pantry!! (which happens often!!)

dinner at the beach with friends.


A sleepin!! Wasn't I lucky!!

and for the rest of the weekend - the beach tomorrow + a birthday party on Sunday!

I hope everyone has a FAB long weekend in NZ + for those not in NZ enjoy your weekend too!!


p.s the first DARE of the year goes up today!


Lara said...

ahhhh, sleep ins...that was me today...& just have to say...we have the same alarm clock! the kids were back on Wednesday for school - 3 days then today off...definitely easing them back in!

Anonymous said...

Looks like such a fun week.

Go you guys.

nic said...

dude. that old picture. that isnt a john constable pic that you are killing, is it? lol