Sunday, February 22, 2009

the weekend is going something like this....

I have joined in on this idea............check it out. I really enjoy reading Vicky's blog + love the photos she takes of everyday join in lots of fun + so simple!

Saturday started with rain + a funeral of friends mum who died suddenly during the week.
it was harder than I thought.

my discarded shoes after the funeral.
now I just have to share these are most fav shoes in all the world + *sigh* they so beautifully coloured.........purple!!!

Finished this book!! Different for me but really enjoyed it.

even though it rained for part of yesterday it was so hot + someone who is pushing the boundaries everyway thought this was a good way to cool off!! ..........I love this boys sense of humour!

20 minutes later................

jam tarts made with nana from her cook book.

big brother burning rubber on sisters bike!!

and this my LO for the lastest beginnings.

I went with some older photos of Ruby when she just learnt to walk at 10mths.
I used the Jan kit from Kennerroad kits + I was inspired how Lisa Garay used the clouds + buttons on one of her LO's.

and here was my version of Lianne's dare - 'what you learnt last year'.
mine was learning to let things go........don't sweat the small things in life...............don't make mountains out of mole hills.

and how happy was I when I discovered my fav TV show had begun...........well the week before (no one told Runway!!


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Chris Millar said...

Sorry to hear about your friends Mum Rach, that must have been very hard. The kids are looking so big in these photos and Taidhg looks so much like Finn in that photo of him asleep! Lovely to see you scrapping again! Great creations! Since we got Foxtel, Project Runway is my new fave show, so glad we got free IQ so that I never have to miss an episode! (that sounded just like a foxtel ad!LOL)