Thursday, February 26, 2009

day 4, 5 + 6.

ok just got a tad busy at my place but still remembering to take some pics each day.

day 4.
this was spent in New Plymouth with my very funny new friend.
Love making new friends.
Love ppl that can make me laugh + laugh.
Love connecting with someone + realising that you both think along the same lines.
so we shopped at spotlight - me buttons + her backing for curtains.
we looked in at the Plastic Box shop............yes how I LOVE little boxes to squirrel away things in.
I purchased some rather super cute girly cubbie holes for Ruby's room.
we drunk coffee + treated ourselves to a lovely lunch.
we laughed + laughed.

day 5

housework was calling, kindy run + swimming lessons.

kev is doing a gig in March listening to him

I wear my mum aprons while I cook + I love to hear Ruby say 'oh mummy I remember Poppins wearing that apron'. I worry they will forget but this small reminder makes me realise they don't.

nothing could be more sweeter than a chocolate coated boy in the bath at the end of the day!

day 6

a normal day of kindy + school + NO after school activities today. YAY!

Preparing + packing for our weekend away.

today's everyday shots were taken from the same my washing line after dinner tonite.

yesterday I spied a lovely wild flower growing in the long grass by the fence line. This weed reminds me of Kev, Brave Heart + our days in Scotland. Looked so pretty against the long grass.

one of my views I look out to while I hang out the washing

quite often I have a wee friend that follows me to the washing line. Twiggy.

I will have to play catchup when I get back from my long weekend away.
looking forward to catching up with friends + teaching my classes.
will share those when I get back too.

be good while I'm gone!


ps just have to share that Kev cracks me up.............when we get that notification that someone has added him to facebook. I ask 'who is that?' 'I don't know' he replies 'never heard of them'............he is hopless!!

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Anonymous said...

great photos Rach, nice spending time with you this weekend at our scrapcamp table, awesome classes, you are truly an inspiration thanks :)