Monday, February 23, 2009

ok just sneaking 3.

hmmm where did Monday go!
ick I hit that alarm clock hard at 6.25..........snooze is bad ...........especially when you hit it twice + then you suddenly realise help is that 7.00 I'm seeing through my half shut eyes!!
yep sure is!!
ok looks like the kids will miss the bus (kids get picked up at gate 8.05)..............lucky for kindy run!

F + R are dropped at school.
then it's mr T's turn.
he wants me to stay for 9am mat time.............I think he likes it cause I know all the songs + actions.
yes I do all the songs + actions.
my boy is smiling + I can go home + perform household duties!!

ok what household duties was I talking about??
oh yeah those nasty pots I didn't wash up the night before.
does reading the paper count as a household duty??

so kindy is over.
just me + the boy are home till the school bus pulls in at 3.40pm
I get some time in the scraproom.

so this is where I remember to take some pics.
my late lunch.............peanut butter + banana on toast!! YUM!

feeding + watering the kids after school.

the homework.

swimming was late today................7.30pm.
Finn was in the big pool + Taidhg had a new instructor.
Taidhg refused to go into the pool + wouldn't tell me why.
On the way home I heard a wee voice from the very depths of the car (Taidhg has moved his car seat to the back back) 'I didn't like that lady'.
lucky we aren't doing Monday night swimming lessons again.
home + bed.
and sleep for me now.................hmmm i didn't sneak in on day 3!