Thursday, January 22, 2009

this is what summer is all about!

and this is where we are off too now!!
only 1 more day + week of the summer lefts............feeling very sad about it as its coming to a end too fast for me!!

working on classes for scrap camp in Feb. Look forward to it!

spending far too much time on facebook of late but hey I can as its the hols!

went camping at the beach last weekend...........had a blast + survived a storm in our HUGE tent!
made some new friends that were friends of friends. Sat into the wee hrs having drinks while our kids were all tucked up in their sleeping bags!! I LOVE camping...........fingers crossed we will be off again soon.

last of the hay goes in tonight! YAY!

right swimming + cupcakes afterwards!



Donna said...

Hi Rach! Where were you camping? A bit of an adventure in a storm!
I took Dad for a drive around our old farm district in the hols. It's all being divided up in lifestyle blocks, so didn't feel the same, however the haymaking brought back cool memories.
Enjoy the rest of the hols.

Lara said...

love the pool shot and yay for camping at the beach!

Sara Berry said...

Oh, that looks so fun! That tent is giant--If we had one that big I might LIKE camping! It has been so cold here--maybe next year I can migrate south and say hello while soaking up your summer!