Saturday, February 14, 2009

L.O.V.E + thoughts.

so I woke to a big smile + a whisper of "happy valentines day mummy" from my beautiful thoughtful girl.
and a love note made for me + kev got one too! And she made my bed while I was in the shower!!

and this arvo we made some love goodness for them to take over to Nana + B's to share tonight.........while we are out celebrating our wedding ann.................bit early but kev + I won't be together on the 28th ..............I'm in Rotorua + well he's minding the kids somewhere!!

goodness for the G.parents!

So this week our thoughts have being with all the ppl involved in the fires in Aussie. We have talked alot about the fires + how sad + scary it must be for them all. I know that the kids have said lots of prayers for them at school. I have even found myself with tears in my eyes as I read the paper or watched TV. I can't imagine or begin to imagine what they have gone through + what they still have to go through to make their lives as normal as it can get.

I got some of the new BG this week + look forward to creating some goodness with it.
Also I got a fab kit last mth + have a half done LO on my desk. Just need to create some more time for the scrapping.
And speaking of fab kits I got the most fantastic little kit from Nie this week. I just LOVE it!!

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