Saturday, March 07, 2009

7, 8 + 9!

ok its only taken me a week to recover from scrapcamp!!
lots of laughs + late nights of talking + early starts!! All part of it though!
Thanks Lianne + Yo for inviting me to teach at camp. I really enjoyed teaching + had awesome students.
Meet some crazy naughty fun kind of ppl plz!! Infact we had a aweswome table + I loved them all. Thanks girls for all the laughs + making my weekend fun!

here's the LO's I did for the classes.

and finally here are the 7, 8 + 9 everyday shots for Vicky's challenge. I really enjoyed this challenge + it got me thinking about another challenge I'd like to do for myself. I do remember reading some where on Nic Howards blog ages ago, as in last year ages ago. A friend of hers was doing a challenge where you went around your home town + took pics. And then as I travelled through Hamilton I saw these cool stone features + it resparked this idea that I must do this for me + the kids. And even make them join in the challenge too as I have a spare camera.
so here's my last few everyday shots from last week.

Friday the 27th - Day 7
Driving to Rotorua we look up + see this. Not a great shot but thats what you get when you take a pic through the windscreen.

+ both Finn + Ruby say "hey thats like in the Cars movie". For those that know NZ well (not mentioning any names for the geo challenged ppl in NZ) but this pic was taken soon after we drove past the Whakamaru Hydro Village, slightly south of Mangakino.

5 mins later.............crazies in the car! And 5 mins before that they all looked like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths!!

Day 8 - 28th Feb.
11 years of happiness to the best dude ever!!

while mummy sleeps on a camp bed the family lives it up at the Novotal.
Looks like there was lots of fun to be had while mummy was across the lake.
photos taken by kev

Day 9 - 1st of March
last day of camp + getting ready to say goodbye to new friends.
julia the queen of LO's that weekend..........that gal was a power machine.
rach who just knows how to work the felt. she does a mean felt flower. I just loved that make + take.
me........when did my hair get that big!!
kate who just knew what to always say.........too funny!
Barb the local who had great taste in music + loved a good laugh too!

and then we travelled onto Auckland to see my sil who broke her back the week before.

thats what happens when the little ppl play with big 18 handed horses!!
she will be ok + is at home resting up.
great to see ya Steph.
then we spent the night catching up with friends in Puke who just happened to have a guitar in their hand when we arrived. They just wanted cheat entertainment!!
Thanks guys!!

so here I am a whole week later still recovering!! But I must admit our kids are such great travellers............but Finn must always travel in the back!! That way he can't annoy anyone!!
We do really love him but he's just the nit picker in everyway!!

And finally if you haven't checked out the lastest dare go + check it out.
its all about colour + we have a special guest dter this time round. I'll let you go there + discover who it is.

here's my take on the dare. darn scanner chopped a bit off top + bottom!

hope you are all having a great weekend. Long one for those that live in the Naki.

I'm off to try my hand at scarf making using the sewing machine!! if they turn out great I will share!!



Lisa said...

Great classes, love the rainbow LO and yep my kids are use to traveling too, its loads of fun though isn't it.

Lissy said...

Sounds like lots of happy things going on over there :) Love the layouts :)

Chris Millar said...

Hope you had a wonderful time at scrapcamp, sounds like it! Your classes look ace!

Lara said...

unfair - hotel bed versus camp bed.

love your layouts you did with them. fantastic!