Tuesday, April 03, 2007


hey so I'm back from my MIA!!
and I've got some LO's things to show people........don't be shocked or surprised by this...........lol

so to start off I thought I'd share my lift I did of Zina ( I know its on the DARE site but I just LOVE it so much as its about my girl) ..........now doesn't she just do the coolest LO's ever!!!! Can't wait to do her class at Freestyle.................and that reminds me I must look up KS to see what the homework is for the weekend.

Ruby does the most adorable drawings of us all + her little fury friends + I just had to get this all down before she is 10!! And you know she does the best life drawings of her Daddy.........I know its him everytime by the little dots on his head that represents his non hair do.............his pickles as she calls them!!..................lol

and then I made this wee tin awhile ago to give away for a auction...............and I didn't want to give it away as I just loved it sitting on my desk looking all sweet. I hope the person who got it is happy with it as I haven't heard.

and then there a was mini album too!

and then there were the 2 of them together!

so have you checked out the lastest DARE . Its a funny one - its all about you telling us your secrets or a little quirk that no one knows about you or a secret hobby you might not be telling your friends + family about. Go on get creative + tell us all about it.

OK better get back to work + make that milo I promised kev - what about an hour ago!!.............lol

ps make you sure you checkout the LO's for Survivor at the end of week at SBO + get your votes in. Also I know there is lots of new cool product waiting to be put on the site.........YUM!


Chris Millar said...

You're back!!!!
You know I love your Zina layout and that tin & mini album are so sweet and gorgeous!!! I can see why you wanted to keep it!!! LOL about the prickles!!

Lara said...

that tin & album are gorgeous! I'm sure the recipient is happy! cool dare LO too.

Lissy said...

Gee I wished the tin was heading my way!

Love the layout - great lift :)

lol...pickles...E says Ben is pricky....lol...

I am GREEN you are going to freestyle!

Donna said...

With my silly computer playing up, it's taken me days to view your pics properly! You know I love the Dare one about Rubys art. Aernt we lucky to have artistic kids? I love it.
Also love your tin & mini album. It's just awesome. I'll bet someone is VERY happy to have that.

Anonymous said...

Love how you have the artwork in the little circles like that. And that tin and mini album is very cool.

*Beatriz Jennings* said...

OMG!!!!!! I love this project I will make a card based on this box if you don't mind :) I love this!!!!thanks for your comments on my blog!

Have a nice day!

Bety :)

rainbow lisa said...

what awesome projects!!!
i would keep that tin for myself, too!

have a great Easter weekend!

Unknown said...

thanks for the congrats and coming out of lurkdom :)


Anonymous said...

Love the tin and the album! and that artistic layer of your artist too :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Just popped over to your blog from the SOML site and girl, I love your style! Awesome stuff!

Breanne Crawford said...

wow! those projects totally rock!!!