Wednesday, February 28, 2007

things!!..........lots of

firstly thanks everyone for your concerns for us having no water - it still hasn't rained but we are lucky enough that we have a well/bore on the farm + we just pumped some into the water tank..............but yes we do need rain still.

secondly once again in true Rach fashion I added my DARE LO last to No.8 wired .
and its straight irl........ :)

LOVED this DARE + the way the colour went 'POP'

and thirdly I just wanted to share the rest of mini ablum from the lastest Up2scrap mag (that wasn't published) + as well the the main picture has a BIG black streak on part of the page + so you can't see the true page.

When doing this album I wanted to touch on everday things in my life. So I broke it down into headings - love (kev + I), kids + I, friendships, time out + healthy choices.

heres the Take Time out one + what it should really look like

and the Healthy Choices pages

and the other half of My Kids + I

and the one on Friendship - the other half. My friend Janine kindly allowed herself to be photographed by the one + only wickedly cheeky Kev................ Now she is one fantastic friend who would do anything if I needed her.

and finally the other half of my Love page + this is extra special as today Kev + I celebrate out 9th wedding anniversary.................. and by the way ppl he loved my little mini ablum i made for him :) And yes there are those photos again taken by Finn..........this is why I took them for this brief.

and now for all the excting news!!!

who wants to be on a Design Team???..........did I hear you say yeah me??..........well click on this link here and read all about it.

I can't tell you enough what a awesome team it is too work for. So if you would like to be part of this excitement come play :)

and guess what its open to AUSSIES all you Aussie talented girls that I know get your butts over here + join in!!!!

and here's the link to the Scrapbookoutletnz site if you haven't being there before. Its worth a look by the way!!!!

and finally I better get off this blasted computer as i have sat nearly all morning to buy my sil some Red Hot Chilli Peppers tickets...............but sadly no luck :( ................. they sold like HOT cakes!!............would be soooooo awesome to go too!!!

and quickly have you voted for your fav Making Memories Idol yet??? (link in a few post below - sorry getting over being on the computer GO Chris



Chris Millar said...

Oh Rach, this page is wicked!!! Love it! What a cool title! Your layouts are always so fun!! I'm glad you posted your mini book too as there wasn't enough of it in the mag!!
Happy Anniversary to you two love birds! Are you getting up to anything?? (well, anything you can tell us about?!!LOL)
I think I'll have to make you my campaign manager for Idol!!!LOL Thanks!

Lissy said...


Mini book looks fabo - havent seent the mag :(

Love the layout - great use of tape :) Clever chook :)

Megan said...


And your layout and mini book is fantastic Rach!

Megan xx

iralamija said...

OH I love this album!! so beautiful!!Thank you so much for your comments on my blog!

Bety :)

Andrea B said...

Just gorgeous Rach! Hope you had a nice wedding anniversary.

Donna said...

So nice to see the rest of your mini album! I love the colours of your Dare layout. It's so Rach!