Monday, June 25, 2007

do wish you were here right now??

I DO!! Just imagine lying on that beach in the warm sun!!! A photo from Kev's wee trip to Maui, Hawaii. He got back to this freezing place yesterday!! He had a blast!!

Here's a pic of what he did 4 to 5 hrs a day................he was in heaven!!

and then check out this pic he took from a helicopter ride........................look at all those crazy windsurfers!!

so life is back to normal as I hear him out in the paddock behind the house in the freezing wind splitting wood!!

so while I've been so quiet + away from my blog I have created a few pages for a challenge I had entered on a US site.

you know it had been really nice to do some challenges + make me use some photos that I have had printed for awhile + use up some of stash!!!...........or was I making room for some new stash!! ;)

so for one challenge we had to use more than 5 photos. Perfect for my New Years Day from 2006. I took the title from a song by 'The Kooks' - seaside. (great CD by the way). And I finally used some of my BG phoebe..............that I had for a few mths!!

then we had to do a LO using one OLW.

Mine was Pick!! Say no more!!

then we had to do a LO leaving 50% white that was a challenge for me!!

and for this one we had to use a orange title. This just a crazy silly one!! Don't you just love doing a page for NO reason!!!..........I had some fun taking these pics + then creating the LO using some Elise + those very funky Hambly rubons!!

got a few more Lo's but planning on using them else where!!
hey so who is loving getting the scrapbookoutlet inspiration newsletters on Friday nights??
aren't they the best + full of thought provoking ideas!! If not go + sign up for the newsletter!
well can't wait for this weekend to see all my girls at scrapcamp!!.......esp the talented Miss Chris
+ the wonderful owner of scrapbookoutlet - Andrea. Its going to be a blast!! nothing like great company, food, a few drinks + scrapping!! good for the soul !!
and hey here's one for you!
last mth we went through the process of looking for a new that meant lots of ppl coming for interviews. And there was this one guy whose name sounded familiar. So anyway this guy arrives - all of 17 + I knew I knew him .....................I taught him at kindy back in 1995!!.........eecckkk how did I age so quickly!!
I swear I'm only 28!!!.................what ashame 36 is around the corner!!
well I could pretend I'm going to be 30 like a certain Miss Howard!!........hehehe
also go checkout this place SIS - super friendly + some mighty talent + just gotta checkout the little extras they have!!
meeting some cool girls + doing some cool swaps!!.............apart from all the Tim Tams I keep buying cause I don't normally buy them but somehow they keep finding their way to my
oh look at time!!


Chris Millar said...

Oh wow! That does look like paradise! Poor Kev having to come home to the freezing!! But I'm sure he was glad to see his little family!
Love all your layouts Rach!
See you in 4 days!!!!!

Lissy said...

Well looks like Kev must have had a fab time :)

Love your layouts but especially the "Hurry Home" one - that is sensational :)

Have a great weekend girls :) You know I will be there in spirit!

tara said...

love your layouts!
thanks for visiting my blog!

Michelle said...

Hey Rach! My first time visiting your little blog... will be adding to my blog list.. :) Sounds like you had a scrappy weekend! I did too.. kind of. :D

It's soooooooooooooooo cold today!

Andrea B said...

All I have time to say today Rach is LOL and I hope that wine has arrived with Yo.

chanel said...

oh i'm so jealous ... i want to go to maui windsurfing too! its a dream!
love your lo's

sally hanna said...

you are too funny girlie!!
shove some tim tams in your mouth for me too...
oh and 36 is not so bad...we were born in the same year...hmmm no wonder i lub you so much!!!
oh and def. coffee time!

Gigi said...

oh you are such a tease w/ the tim tams & the beach piccies...