Monday, August 13, 2007


did i say it was my dream to marry a farmer??
and then wish to have a pet sheep???
HELP...............what was I thinking!!

so I do live the dream + I do have a pet sheep........2 in fact!!
Pepper + Sonny!!!
and lets just say they think they are human + think that they should spend their days playing in our garden!!

so today I quickly duck out to get some firewood + Pepper who is quite crafty for a sheep!!............pushes me out of the way as I walk through the gate + makes a mad dash into the garden!!............lucky I was smarter + ran (YES I ran) around the other side of the garage + chased her back into the paddock!!!
I think she thinks she is like 'Shaun the Sheep'..............anyone seen that wee TV programme???
And with Spring just around the corner........YAY!!!! looks like we will have 3 new lambs to care for 'Mission Day' that will be coming up soon at school.

so yeah besides the sheep dramas in my life we are getting busy with the cows calving + I will be feeding calves this week!!

Kids are busy training for cross country 0r cross crunchy as Ruby calls it!!!.........atm.

The days are slowly getting longer + wow before we know it will be daylights savings!!! YES its fantastic we have had it extended here in NZ but oh boy do I feel for he will be crawling out of bed at 4.00 instead on 5.00 every morning!! But then again he's a huge fan of daylights saving!! And he's getting a new toy - which I know he's hanging out to play with!! Once I find a pic of it I will share.......................its a new + very popular water toy that he spied in Maui!!!

Busy with scrapping + trying to play catch up with some projects.
one of my lastest was for the DARES . I had fun doing this one. Go over + checkout the other girls...............there are some beaut ones!!!

and a LO for my DT work over at SBO

I got to play with some new CA + Tink ink this mth with a few other bits + bods.

Loved how this came out. kev planted those sunflowers + the kids loved watching them grow.

So hopefully we will plant some more this summer!

and have been trying to load up a pic of the lastest kit Vicky + I designed. (but can't get it up for some go checkout SBO for a lookise) So can't wait for this kit...............its filled with so much yumminess!! And holy flying cows wait till you see the stamp that the very clever Miss Vicky designed!! I think we get this kit sometime this week to play with............yippee can't wait!!

Also have been busy planning my classes for SENZ. I see SBO have got them for sale on the site + I heard that some have almost sold out. Sorry not many sneak peeks due the product not here yet but you girls won't be disappointed as I have seen most of the teams other creations in irl + they are all so super talented but just not that such awesome ppl + lots of FUN!! And we like FUN don't we!!!????

oh yeah I keep forgetting I got this from the lovely Gigi about a mth ago but as we can all see how hopeless I am at blogging I never got it up + after seeing others in my list have also got one I have decided that anyone that leaves me a comment or even checkouts my blog deserves one!!

well its nice to be back in blogging land..............but I must leave to tend my batches of anzac biccies I have got cooking in the oven!!



jess said...

Love your layouts!! Especially the "crikey"!!! Such a gorgeous photo!!!
Xx Jess

nessa said...

wow i love your lo's, the first one is my favorite!!!

Sarah Youde (AKA monroegirl) said...

Love your layouts! Crikey is gorgeous. Congratulations on the Rockin' Girl Blogger.

Peggy Severins said...

Funny story about the sheep, and yes I know "shaun the sheep" my son likes it a lot. Love your layouts as well. Great job!


Saw you on SIStv, you have some very lovely layouts! Funny sheep story.

Lissy said...

You sounds busy and well Rach :) great pages as always :)

Michelle said...

And she finally updates!!! LOL!

Herbie said...

Sheesh Rach tought you had died the lack of posting on this blog ROFL! Loving the LO's how is my cj coming on??? HINTY HINT HINT

Tracy said...

Can you hear that sound? It is my fingers drumming on top on my desk....waiting to get my hot little hands on that kit! Can't wait!
Love your layouts too!

Donna said...

'bout time you came back to blog land! Love the No 8 Dare layout! LOL

jacqui jones said...

hey miss rach
love your layotus and im glad your back in blog land..: )
wish i was coming to senz

sally hanna said...

i was beginning to think that you didn't want to blog any more, lol!!

sounds like loads of sheepish fun at your house!
let's see hubby's water toy please. rockin' blogger girl you!!

nic said...


nic said...

hmmmm miss you Rach!
(update your blog girlie!)