Sunday, March 05, 2006

supermarkets, kids + links!!!

OK kids + supermarkets are NOT a good mix!!!! So, why do I do it + take all 3????
I always give Finn + Ruby the talk about don't ask me for everything + you will only get a treat if you are good!! So good means - NO running around the supermarket squealing, yelling out each others names, NO putting your sister into headlocks + dragging her around!!! AND lastly NO GETTING BALLS OUT!!!!
So I get 'yes Mummy we will be good cause we want a treat' {who doesn't want a treat - aye Nic ;) }. So off we go + it starts with a head lock in the fruit + vege department!!! Then they do a runner over to the next lane. I can hear them laughing + giggling. So I come around the corner + what do I see???.......................after telling them not to do this................balls being kicked up + down the lane like its football field!!!...............OMG do i own these kids??? What makes it worse is when i bang into ex parents from the kindy where i use to teach + they laugh at me!!!!! So they both get a very stern talking too + Finn is guided by a tight grip to the trolley where he is made to hold it all the way around. {and don't you love it when they yell ouch you are hurting my arm}. So we carry on but by then Taidhg decides he wants a piece of the action is throwing things out the trolley as fast as I can put them in!!!! So while this is all happening Finn makes another run for it!!!! He's gone but I find Ruby doing gymnastics off the side of the freezers!!!! I try to pretend she's not with me but of course I have to the right parent thing + tell her to get down. Starting to feel the stress levels rising but still in control of course - I think So, 3 more lanes to go. Food is flying from my trolley left + right - Taidhg's having a ball, but where are Finn + Ruby???...................I find them rearranging the butters + mixing all the brands up................OK almost there, only the bread, milk, yoghurts, cheese + eggs to get!!! Finally I make it to the counter only to have 2 very grumpy kids, who decide to shut down and not listen to anything I say. And to make matters worse they are short staffed at the supermarket, so I have to pack my own bags + struggle out with a HUGE load + 2 bags in my hand!!! Did I mention how they asked 50 million times for treats!!!!
SO the moral of the story is NEVER TAKE your kids to the supermarket. You know that I already know this but everytime I go I think they get a little bit better but to be honest its getting worse + I'm sure oneday I will look like that girl off The Exorcist movie, where my head spins around + my hair all stands on end but I will have steam coming our of my ears too!!!!
On another note - OK I'm going to admit I'm a lazy linker!!! I just go to ppl's blogs like Nic H' s {thats why you have so many hits Nic}, Chris M's, Lianne G's + just click away on all of their links. So thanks girls!!! ;)
Also I still can't work it out + now Donna is new to blogging + is showing me up cause she has linked me + others!!!
I have being working a new LO over the weekend for the last DT I was applying for. I was doing a LO on Kev skateboarding but it wasn't coming together as well as I thought, so I moved onto another one about Ruby - a xmas one. So I will give you a wee tease - NO REASON but just cause I can!!! And I've done a Chris M shot!!!! I used those cool Blitzen BG pps I got from late last year. And also go + checkout their new range of Threee Bugs in a Rug..............very cool. I'm just about to order some.

And lastly some exciting news - I'm going to be a guest DTer on a US site in May. Its so new that it hasn't opened its doors yet but Becky the owner seems really lovely + super FUN!!! see if I could link I could link you to her blog!!!!
And just a wee note to my friend up the road - I hope she survived the night + got her assignment done + woke up feeling OK???? That Creme Egg Fairy might have to send you more eggs for inspiration!!! But next time dude get rid of the evidence.............LOL
oh nearly forgot YAY to Scrapcamp + Yolande + Lianne for organising this fantastic weekend away. Ok I have never being to one but i know it will be good - look at the tutors - Nic H, Wendy R + Faye G + also Michelle TW will be clever showing us how to use photoshop!!! This will be awesome as I have the lastest version in my hot little hand waiting to be installed......woohooo.
ok going to blob out with my family + watch a DVD as I'm one very tired chicken from hanging out on the computer last night with Nic + Chris. Also for those here in NZ + have digital sky -see Shark 's Tale is on tonight!!! Cool as I haven't seen this.
catch ya later + man its freezing today I went out this morning wearing jeans, boots, + a woollen cardi!!!! Too crazy!!!


Lara said...

that layout looks great - look forward to seeing the whole thing. I NEVER take my three children shopping - like suicide - two may come if there's a trolley that I can strap two in. Grocery shopping is something I like to do alone - almost like a treat each fortnight!
Scrap camp sounds great - pity everything seems to be in the NI at the moment.

Megan said...


Oh my - what a trip to the supermarket! We are moving over east soon and I am planning on doing all my grocery shopping online for this very reason!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too!!

Megan xx

PS I've added your link to my page, hope that's okay :-)

Unknown said...

Can totally relate to the supermarket experience it happens on a weekly basis for me I feel like people are looking and thinking she needs super Nanny.
Congrads on the DT thing in the US very exciting let us know when it happens.
Also looking forward to scrap camp it was great last year.

Delys said...

Love that sneak peak Rach! LOL at the supermarket experience...I know alot of us Mums can totally relate to that experience!
Congrats on the rock girl! Im a total fan!
Tis cold in Hamilton and here today too and didnt have any winter clothes with me when I was away in Hamilton...brrrrr!

Donna said...

Phew! Man I am exhausted just reading about your trip to the supermarket! I only have 2 I hardly ever take them - still. And don't you hate the way they stack lollies right at kids reach at the checkout?!!
Rach - if I can link so can you. I said I wouldn't rest until I did it!
Congrats on the DT. Can't wait to see your work.
Please turn on the sun for easter. We are on our way down to find easter bunny...

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel, Friends of mine used to manage the running-around-the-store activity by getting the kids to find the coupon items. Give them a coupon, let them return with the goodie, "Thank you, very helpful", give them another coupon. Coupons with pictures are great for those without the reading skills too. (They would cut the coupons out of the paper or weekly advertising even when the coupons were automatically deducted.)
Should I say I only saw Daddy doing this? Perhaps Mum thought it was easier to leave them at home! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Rach,

Congratulations on your US Design Team Spot, just excellent. Kids and Supermarkets Oh my I know what that is like.

Have a great day Rach.


Donna said...

Hey Rach, great idea to meet up at easter. Will pm you somewhere soon so we can organise.
You really can suss out this links thing if I can! We'll have to put instructions in the forum for you.

Tash said...

Hi Rach - i can also releate to the supermarket thing - i just don't take my kids now unless i absolutely have to which is rare - love the sneak peak of your layout it looks really gorgeous and congrats on the guest designer thing - well done!

Becky said...

ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!! I know that's going to be me in 5 years!! I can still strap them in the cart, or at least threaten to!
Thanks for mentioning my site, I'm so excited to have you as a guest DTM!!! You are one talented chika!!

Chris Millar said...

Well done for surviving the shopping task!
Hey, now what happened to all those links I supplied you with?? All you have to do is copy and paste below the other links!!!
You can do it Rach! Give me a 'R' give me an 'A' give me a 'C' give me a 'H'...........Go Rach!!

Anonymous said...

I love stopping in and seeing all the ews and stuff on your blog. Glad to hear things are relatively calm. Huge hugs coming your way!


Anonymous said...




Michelle said...

I love seeing your sneck peaks, which BTW look awesome I can't wait to see what it looks like.
I can so relate to you on the supermarket, I can't wait until Jenna goes to school in July, then i won't have to take her.

dallas said...

ooh that is just gorgeous!! It looks devine, can't wait to see the whole thing!
You must be crazy taking three kids shopping...I don't even like taking one! LOL Taking kids shopping always proves to be way more expensive!

Mel said...

Big congrats on teh DT - that's very cool.

And I laughed at your supermarket description. That used to be me (in fact I stopped taking Elliot for a couple of years as he was diabolical). Now they aer at school I don't take them. Cait is nearly 11 now so she's no problem but I always remember that when she was little and was good and was allowed to choose a treat she'd pick a maths exercise book instead of chocolate! Weird - and she's still my maths geek!

Onas said...

Ok Rach leaving a comment and waiting for those 10 layout come on girl!

Anonymous said...

That layout is absolutely fabulous, I can see by the teaser that the end result will be awesome. Alot of work has gone into that layout, your style seems similiar to mine. I've just brought those Blitzen papers and can't wait to try them out myself. I'm looking for Design Team Members for my new site coming soon, if you hadn't already taken one, I'd be offering. :) Well Done!

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way, about the supermarket thing, don't worry I've got seven and sometimes have the lot! (not to mention 2 trolleys!!) lol

Anonymous said...

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Thanks :)