Friday, March 17, 2006

5 + 6 and a tag!!

Right I'm doing a massive jump for LO 5 + 6. When i was expecting Taidhg in 2004, I had bad morning sickness + could not scrap or go near the computer. Everytime I went to do either of these 2 things I thought I would throw up was very strange!!! So I probably didn't scrap for 6mths, so not many pages at all for 2004. So lets go to 2005.
OK this my VERY proud LO - my 1 + only published LO {have to admit I'm a bit lazy chasing the submissions atm}. But it's another major favourite in the photos stake............look at my 3 gorgeous kids!! Makes me want to freeze that moment in time forever!!

And here's LO 6. One of my girl Ruby. This sits high in my favourite list. I loved how the photos came out + catching her so natural + her little blonde curls being whipped around in the wind!!

I was tagged by the very talented Carole {someone plz tell me how to link ppl's names here}.
You can check out Caroles work on

What scrapbook lines/products etc do you dislike?
I can't think of any that I dislike cause sometimes a company might have not have great pp's but their embellishments might be fantastic. The only thing i'm probably not big on is stickers.

What is the hardest thing you ever had to scrap?
about my brothers death.

What technique do you use more than anything else?
Inking, inking + more inking!

What is the smallest scrap of paper you save?
I'm like Carole + save all my scraps for Finn + Ruby's pizza boxes.........they make the best cards!

Have you ever had any scrapping related injuries?
yep cut myself with one of those cutters from CM.

Finish this sentence, “If I wasn’t a scrapbooker/stamper, I would spend my money on… shoes, shoes + shoes and lots of treasures from second hand stores + NZ art.

Give your best storage or organisational ideaI would have to say my wooden pegs that sit below my shelves + then they have bull dog clips + they have got all my rubons hanging from them. {not my idea saw it in Ali E's room}

You just won a week long scrapbooking cruise for 5. Who is going with you?
I wish i could be clever like Chris + take everybody but I would have to say Chris as she is a awesome person, talented + very supportive to me, next would have to be 2 other ppl that have being very supportive + if it wasn't for them I wouldn't of meet Jo + Steph from Up2scrap - Nic + Evana. Nic also dribbles like me when she drinks.............LOL, + Evana would give lots of cuddles + look after all of us. Next it would be Carol as she tagged me + she is super talented! Then my gorgeous friend Lissy in Perth who is also a very talented scrapper. OMG thats 5 already!!! But really i would take you all as the prize included the whole ship!!!!

When you received your first publication notification, who did you tell?
Kev + Chris Millar.

Now I would like to tag…Donna, Delys + Nic - cause she loves to be tagged!!! (unless they have already had a go) enjoy.

If I haven't added you to my bloggin babes I will do soon + I must sort out poor Delys hanging off
ok I'm off to Finn's school assembly. I made capes for their wee act + Finn is doing a speaking part. {don't you love it when the teachers find out you scrapbook} How cute are these 5yr olds going too look - all 11 of them.

take care


Unknown said...

Both of your LOs are stunning love the papers and the photos.
Am rather amused to thing of you and Nic dribbling when you drink.
By the way at New World this morning and discovered they will deliver your shopping for just $5 if you fax them a list. This could be the answer to our problems.

Lara said...

beautiful layouts - love the lighting in your daughters hair. Not sure what the problem is with groceries (dianna's reply) but when in Auckland I loved paying !40 for Woolworths online to bring my groceries into my kitchen - could order everything! Now though if wanted that service could only order non-perishables.

Becky said...

Oh My, I love these LOs!! THe MM one is super sute and what a fab pic!! You really need to submit more, you will be published more :)

lianne said...

Love seeing your fav layouts Rach. Very cool.

Donna said...

I love both those LOs! I remember the day I bought SM & sat in the car outside school before 3pm & I saw that top layout. I thought Taranaki - how cool!! That must have been fate! It is such a gorgeous pic. And your daughter's hair, so beautiful.
Thanks for the tag - NOT!
Hope you enjoyed your wine 2nite & didn't dribble too much........!!!!! Can't wait to hear about that assembly. Hope you got pics.

Lara said...

ok, way I linked: type in your stuff with pics etc as normal. Highlight any text you want to link to another site then click on the circle with a chain symbol - between the text colour thing & the formatting bar. another box comes up - type in the URL remembering the http:// bit before the www. Should now be linked. YOu might want to colour or underline the linked stuff so people know - you can also link pictures in this way.
Hope this makes sense??

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the links! Making progress ... isn't there so much to learn!
Might need napkins for scrapcamp so you don't dribble on your layouts ...

Megan said...

Rach, both of those layouts jumped out at me in the Boxx gallery when I first saw them, and I spent many times going back and looking at them (if you had a high "views" tally, it was all my fault!!).

They are awesome layouts - you are so clever!!

Megan xx

Tash said...

Rach these layouts are just gorgeous - you are very talented!

Anonymous said...

Rach I just love that photo in your March madness layout - sensational!
The colours on your layout of Ruby are so beautiful, both of the layouts are great!
Rach :)
P.S Love inking!

Ali said...

Ewwwwwwwwwwwe remind me not to sit next to you or Nic - don't want to spill anything on my work Lol! Can't wait to see the pics of Finn's assembly.

Delys said...

oops well Id better get onto this tag then....thanks (not!) oh all right youre off the hook...I actually like doing these things ..very interesting!
Just love those LOs...I am a long admirer of your work as you have some stunning photos and artistic flair! WTG!
Yes poor me tagged onto someone else...hey I have this all the time Im stumped how it happens!!

Anonymous said...

Rach I loved your LO's especially the March Madness one, I loved it after you did it last year and I still love it!

R xoxo

P.S. If I haven't updated my blog links to include you by tomorrow night, sent me a message and abuse me!

Anonymous said...

I mean send not sent, lol.

Anonymous said...

Those layouts are gorgeous Rachael and the photos fabulous. The good thing about this blogging thing is it makes you think about taking photos more, I get slack with the camera at times than regret it later. Speaking of Groceries I get mine delivered to my door for $10, free sometimes if I have a voucher, fruit, veges the lot. I don't do it all the time just when I'm flat out. By the way, did you get my reply email??? just wandering :)

Anonymous said...

OH my goodness, Rach I just love both of those pages, the colours are just so gorgeous, love not like, love Wind Swept, talk about talent, I would put you right ontop of the list, you children are so gorgeous. I would love to meet you and all the girls you picked we would have a ball, and I am with you Chris Millar, is such a great person.

Have a lovely day Rach.


Chris Millar said...

Oh cool, we're going a cruise! I think I'll fit right in as a drinking partner with you and Nic now after the weekend I've just had!LOL Thanks for always being so sweet Rach, you are too kind! And Carole, what a sweet thing to say too! Can't wait till we all go on this cruise together!
Rach, you know how much I love the windswept layout and the March Madness, I still remember how exciting it was when it first got accepted! What a buzz it was and it was lovely to share that buzz with you!