Sunday, March 12, 2006

my 10 FAV LO's......starting from today!!!

Hey a HUGE thx for all the wonderful ppl that have popped onto my blog to say hi!!!
Ok what a slacker i have's being a whole week between post but i have to say life is pretty normal here + have nothing much to report. No recent LO's as I have got very low engery this week for some reason!!! And I can't find my scrapbook room...........its a HUGE MESS!!!................washing, toys, bills, paper work for the farm + of course the MAJOR MESS 'me' not being a tidy 'kiwi' and putting my product away after I use it!!
But today i have had a major clean out as I have had a few pizza boxes arrive this week + so, I decided that if i have had the pp for a year into a pile it goes for either the kids or Trade Me. I haven't got to the embellishments.
So today i start with my 10 fav LO's. This first one was a CM + I did it at my first CM crop April 2003!!! I was so excited + off i went by myself with all my gear new CM gear I brought waiting to be used!! The reason this LO is a fav is because it was our first xmas as parents + the first xmas in our new house, and we were having all the family for lunch + also the beginning of a tradition of getting a live tree from the xmas shop in New Plymouth. I was so proud of this LO.

Ok on to my second fav LO, still in 2003. This is another CM + one for my in memory of my brother Tim, who died coming up 5 years in April. I'm doing this album for my parents but I do struggle with it emotionally + also for the fact that I'm trying to do from my parents view point. Now also I did this as a example for one of CM workshops for customers {yes I was a CM consultant}. I was trying to breakout of the line or triangle down the side look. Now get this I took this along to a CM mtg with other consultants in my area + I was so proud thinking i had worked the products so well + trying to suit the photos blah blah blah ............... and you know what I got "Oh that's wallpapering". I was so hurt + it felt like a slap in the face + it was the beginning of me knowing that CM wasn't for me anymore. I thought CM was all about Creating Memories but NO in fact it's all about how much money can you make!!! I know all CMers aren't like this.
And see its a 8.5x11 I was ahead of myself then!!!
So have you guessed the next 2 won't be CM!!!!
And on a VERY exciting note I have BOOKED my classes for CC with kiwiscraps.................wooohoooo. What a fantastic year of scrapbooking in NZ with Scrapcamp {yes Yolande the chq will in the mail on Tuesday - its a holiday here tomorrow Naki Ann. YAY for me}, in May {which we are turning into a family holiday} and then CC in August.
I can't wait to meet all these girls I chat via email, forums + blogs. They will have a face + a
hey BIG hugs to all those that need one.
ps I will now go + update my links :)


Lara said...

For CM layouts you were pretty creative from the start Rach! Look forward to seeing your next los (if you can find them).

Donna said...

Yahooooo!! She's done it & I'm on there!!
These are great layouts. I love the way you broke away from the CM lines. Shows you had a flair for design & you weren't just a machine!
I'm doing a 10 LO thing too BUT not necessarily favourites...
Hope you feel better this week Rach. Look forward to the next favs.

Donna said...

Oh & I forgot to say I am so sorry to hear you lost your brother. I know how hard it is making an album on someone elses behalf. I'm making a wedding album for my SIL which I've been slack on since xmas. It's so hard working to her brief & budget LOL and trying to do it as I think she'd like to see it??

Mel said...

I was really interested in that "Oh that's wallpapering" comment. I can't believe anyone would criticise. Aa a scrapping tutor my only aim ever was to encourage people and to let them know that what they were doing was wonderful. Aren't some people amazing!

Chris Millar said...

Thanks for sharing your layouts Rach and how dare you wallpaper! It's such a special thing you are doing for your parents with Tim's album even though it is tough at times I'm sure you'll all look back on it as a treasure!
Yay for the links!!!

Onas said...

Oh man that CM, my friend is a CM consultant and she does really cool stuff with limited product, she loves our stuff too, she comes to our scrap nights at work and is really upset hearing consultants that bag everything else, because she encourages it.
BTW that first LO is way ahead of strips and triangles well done!
Love you worked the links out clever - it wasn't so hard just needed time - you weren't by any chance avoiding the clean up?

nic said...

oh my GOODNESS those treeeees are soooo groooovy!!!! LOVe love love that CM page!!


Unknown said...

Love the Christmas page you have really nice handwriting I hope you use it on lots of LOs. I have about 10 pages plus of CM christmas pages hidden away. The page on your brother was great ignore the comments from consultants you were just way ahead of them.
Glad you booked CC and scrapcamp look forward to meeting you.

Becky said...

I can't wait to see all 10! Isn't it amazing how far the sbing world has come!!!

Ali said...

Gosh you crack me up Rach, I don't think I'm polite enough to have survived in the CM world. If anyone dare criticise my work - I'd probably deck them!!

Megan said...

Thanks for sharing these Rach - especially that Christmas one! Might have to pinch that idea for one of my layouts!!

Megan xx

Delys said...

Good on you showing us these CM LOs...I agree you were so ahead of the times even then! Yes it would be so hard to do your Brothers album..Im trying to do my Dads album and our flood album and its just too hard!
Im so bummed about not going to scrapcamp and CC...darn this moving and calving business!

Anonymous said...

Neat Chrissy page, love those trees, I know what you mean about energy levels Rach, mine are a little low a present.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rach, you have been tagged.


Michelle said...

Great LO's Rach, I think I mihgt have to join the band wagon and start showing off my 10 fav LO's
Yeh you for booking your CC06 classes, I can't wait until August....and I can't wait to meet you IRL.