Monday, January 04, 2010

So Kev asked.........

whats your new years resolution?

I replied - I don't do resolutions!!
1. I never stick to them
2. I make unreachable ones
3. I just let myself down again
4. most are about my weight (boring)!!

but hey I do GOALS.

so you ask yourself whats the difference?
resolutions to me is something that you are trying resolve or fix.
goals are aims that you would like to reach.......and the word seems more user friendly!

so my GOALS for 2010 are (in no particular order)

keep my fitness up

try windsurfing
complete decorating our house

complete blanket I started last winter for our bed

good choices

write letters again

get re-inspired in the kitchen

make a journal

organise myself better

get creative again
well I have started one today.............................organise myself better
I sorted out 9 bags of clothes today + made a new space in the craftroom.

so did you make goals or a resolution or maybe nothing??
all photos sourced from weheartit


Lara said...

I'm still pondering my goals for this year... Like yours...and the images :-) those bird houses rock!

Lissy said...

Hi there Rach! My goals are similar...clear out the some decorating and regain my health and fitness! I have sorted out a few bags of stuff too in last couple of days! I am having a BIG purge of clothes and everything! Good luck! Lissy

Roxanne said...

Hi Rach! I am totally feelin' ya on the whole resolution vs goal thing and mine are similar to yours sans the windsurfing. Good luck to you and me this year!