Thursday, January 07, 2010

while the sun shines.........

we play on the waterslide + then lay on the hot concrete.
Remembering doing this as a kid?

we swim at our local country pool.

Flipper magic!! Ruby loves these flippers + apparently they make your swimming smoother!!Ruby brought them herself from the school gala for 50cents!! She's got the thrift thing going on like her mama!!

We practise rollerskating + we are getting better!!

and *sigh* I LOVE her skates..........I remember the freedom they gave me when I was a kid. I would spent hours practising........esp since i lived on a hill in the Hutt Valley + had to work out the safe way down without breaking anything!! Trees were handy to grab onto!!
I didn't have beautiful skates like Ruby's...........mine were tie on. But they serviced me well + I skated in them so much I wore the stoppers down!

The other night we went to NP to see "Where the wild thing are".
It was me that was busting to see it as i have always loved that book since I trained as a kindy teacher. And of course when I teaching I was always buying books for those future babies!!
So I didn't love it...........but then I didn't hate it! And damn it I cried at the end!!
The kids were funny...........I thought Ruby would like it but she wriggled + complained that she was hungry + tired all the way through it (and we just had dinner).
Finn wiggled his loose tooth the whole way through it + showed no emotion....... I mean lets not forget he decided to stick his hand in the drink holder just before the end + got it stuck!! Ruby suggested that we would have to replace his arm for a stick like Douglas off the movie!!
Taidhg took me by surprise + watched the whole movie totally enthralled by it......on the edge of his seat kind of stuff. I thought he would of being the pain in the butt but no + then he totally surprised me by bursting into tears at the end. He was heartbroken that Max left Carol behind. Thats when I started to cry + Ruby was crying too!!
Kev just shook his head.
Next movie on the list is "The Fantastic Mr Fox". Hopefully no tears in that one!!??
And yes the sorting + decluttering still goes bag of broken + crappy toys thrown out!!
over + out till after the weekend.......getting glammed up for a wedding + running away + staying in a penthouse suite!! (and yes NO kids)


Lissy said...

Yes we used to do that at the local pool!

Go with the decluttering! I had a big purge yesterday too but SO much more to do!!

Trina said...

Ahhhh, perfect summer days. Love your photos! As for movies. We have 'fantastic mr fox' on CD and the book and I asked Sarah is she wanted to go and she said 'no never, I never want to go to the movies again'. What the?! Have fun at the wedding!

Lara said...

love the local pool, just like my childhood one :-) My roller skates were expandable ones....they could get longer and I just had to wear my shoes & fit into them...we used the herring bone cowshed between milkings to skate on :-). I took the kids to WTWTA... they were cool with it, but it was 'darker' than I had anticipated. The music was cool. Have some on my iPod now. Fantastic Mr Fox was a lot of fun and no tear jerking.

amy said...

LOVE those skates! We had the same reaction to the movie. Weren't crazy about it during, but loved it upon reflection. Thanks for all the pics!

Anonymous said...


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