Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I do I do.........

this amazing talented woman sang out on Sunday night to us.........that is Gin Wigmore.

with another great kiwi singer Dave Dobbyn. Loved this concert.........just as good or maybe even better than Fleetwood Mac the week before.

Now gotta get my tickets for the wine tour!

so where did xmas go? it was a great day in the sun + fun to be with kev's family. I took hardly any pics........typical me!

but this one says it all + what a clever santa getting her the perfect gift!!

and now this mama wants some too!! And btw thats not kev in the background thats my fil........its scarey they look so much alike!!
I hope you all had a lovely xmas + heres to (insert clink clink of glasses) new year + great things to come!!


fourpetersons said...

Awesome skates! I want some too :)

Lissy said...

Here's to 2010 Rach...hope it brings you peace and happiness :)