Thursday, January 28, 2010

a little break away.

so we popped up to a beach just nth of our place for 3 nights away. Stayed in a great bach. This beach is very popular. It has a camp site for tenters + caravans + avenues of baches.......its like a mini seaside town filled with adults + kids..........and I mean kids ............everywhere..........on the playground..........the river or the beach. And you know what its fantastic for the kids............they just come + go all day long + you know they are safe. And of course there were plenty of kids from school for our kids to hook up with!! And my kids loved the shop esp..........when do my country kids get to walk to the dairy + buy their ice creams!!??.........never!!.........and bike around till its dark!!

just to give you an idea what its like. This is not even quarter of the camp. We had a 3 storey place + looked over everyones bach!! And yeah shocker photo!!

So we spent a lot of time at the river rather than the beach. Kayaked, boggie boarded, made sand castles, buried each other, swam + the best bit .............. we fished!! I have a new addiction!! I loved it!! Mr T the fluke first time fishing ever caught a fish in 10 mins.

But wait there is more.............the stringrays go up + down the river!! One swam right past me on the rivers edge. Scarey to think about that dude that got stabbed at Kev's local windsurfing spot in Waitara last Monday. So anyway I was sitting on the edge of river enjoying myself + then something BIG snagged my pulled + pulled + I tried to windup + then broke my line + took my bait + was a stingray!!

my boy in pink!! love it how he doesn't care!!

so today is the last day of the hols!! I can't say I feel sad this year that my kids are going to back to school. The summer so far has being crap + we have hardly being to the beach. I can't remember a summer so bad!
we have done lots of things, had friends over, got a few swims in at the local pool + stayed a few nights at the beach...........but my kids are ready for school + a routine. Poor old Taidhg has asked since new year when does school start again (thats only cause he got a week + a bit in bf the hols).
So we are ready. Uniforms all shiney + bright, new books brought + omg I must say how expensive they were $173 if you please + I even had recycled somethings from last year + got specials!! And books are covered!
I'm secretly excited as I'm going to get a bit of me time back.
the only thing I'm not looking forward to is the early starts..........I have being very spoilt these hols with lie ins each day + getting to read books late into the night..........I mean late as in 1 or 2am sessions!!..........should i mention a coffee made for me + brought to my bed each morn.......what a man eh!!


Lissy said...

Looks perfect! We just did something similar...not flash but very kid friendly!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

next time.. bring me along! that river looks great!!

Traci Keriazakos said...

I didn't even realize you had a blog and since I love you I have to fav it!