Saturday, June 14, 2008

playing the rules!

yesterday I played the rules again on SIS with Miss Lee - my little aussie friend!!
Rules given to me were
1. use a red embellie
2. stamp something
3. use 3 brads

OK I cheated + used 4 brads but I had too to get the look right!! :)

I wanted to create a LO for the kids + hope that they would remember those small simple things we do with them + that make up the memories of your childhood.
We spent a lot of time this summer at the pool down the road. Its nothing flash - just your typical 50's or 60's concrete school pool. But we have lots of fun in it!! So often after those swims we would come home + sit on the deck + we would have some afternoon tea together!! Even though I didn't journal I asked the kids if you they remembered what was happening in the photos + they said what I wrote above. And then they asked if they could go swimming tomorrow + have afternoon tea on the deck!!

And checkout that new ChatterBox pp - the striped blue pp + pink pp!! Their new pps have the most gorgeous colours.

All these goodies are from the May kit from Label Tulip

Last weekend we went out on a little day trip. We use to do this a lot + I love discovering whats basically in your backyard so to speak! So off we drove for about an hour South from here + then turned inland + drove along some very high + narrow roads (which I don't really like as I hate heights)...........but I coped!! The views were amazing as we could see the bottom of the North Island + the top of the South Island. So we finally arrived at Lake Rotorangi - the Patea Dam.
We had a wonderful time exploring, throwing rocks into the lake + explaining to the kids that the Dam was not a hydro slide!!!............eekk I was having awful visions..............once again to do with heights!!
It was a great day out + it was ended with a ice cream brought on the way home!! As you do!! :)

kids + me

and as we left there were some stock horses just on the side of the road + we just had to stop + have a pat................esp for my horse loving girl!! :) And this pic is for Aunty Steph too!! :)
They were super friendly + they all wanted to be patted.

Also if you wondering why Ruby is in a blanket + Finn + Taidhg's faces look all painted out we were having a super hero morning before we left. Ruby is UnderDog, Finn Spiderman + well um Mr T I was still working that one out as he drew his own face!!............but hey the little dude was happy + thats the main thing, eh!!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!
I'm planning to scrap as I've got lots of challenges I want to do + got some new photos developed!



Chris Millar said...

These are such great photos of your day trip Rach!!! Love the one with you in it and you look so terrific! You look like a bikey chick in your boots!!!LOL

Tracy said...

Wow you look at you! You look fantastic and I love the kids dressups! Great pics and beautiful layout!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the others Rach. You're looking fantastic! WTG you on such a fun day.

Lara said...

you look great! & wahoo for superheroes :-) Hope the challenges were inspirational.

Anonymous said...

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