Wednesday, June 25, 2008

having some FUN!

I did this LO recently for a challenge that Michelle Tan set for us.
It had to be about you + why you are fabulous. Well I thought bugger it + went over board + had lots of fun creating this little number + 'yes' I was generous why I'm fab!! With a little help from Kev on a certain word that he felt should be added in there why I'm fab!!
And you know what it felt good doing this as I hardly ever do LO's about me - its always about the kids.

Lots + lots of goodies from Sweet Spuds kits . I just love those rubons from Hambly - so FUN!

The dance concert went well. But Ruby had a crampy tummy before she went + I asked her if she was nervous. She said no at the time. Then when the show started I noticed that Ruby was not on stage + next minute she was standing next to us!! Her tummy was still sore + she said her dance teacher said it was OK to find us but she just had to do her dance as her partner would of being partnerless!! By the time it came to her dance her tummy was feeling much better. I put it down to nervous + on reflection I don't think she even knew what being nervous was like.
Great show! But I'm glad there is no more running back + forward for extra practise!! Just swimming + hockey practises for the next few weeks.


Liddy said...

Love the layout, it's very fab indeed.
Interesting point about Ruby not knowing about being nervous, we forget sometimes that kids don't relate to things the way we do so don't understand the effects.

Tracy said...

I LOVE your layout! :)

Kathy said...

love the colours in this layout!

sally hanna said...

hey my friend!
i hope you had a marvelous bday and don't have too much of a hang over! hee!
you definitely know how 'work it' and i love that about you! xoxo