Friday, February 23, 2007


yep lovin this site .

if you haven't got that far - GO + check it will be in for a lot of FUN!!!

so here's my scraplift off the very funky Miss Amber .

I tried to be like Monique and not think too

and at last I have used some felt on my LO.........brought some before xmas + just haven't found the right LO to have a play on.

Ruby + her wee friend Tommy..............they have the sweetest friendship :)

so yeah sorry no update on my new exciting adventure............keep your eyes peeled!!! I think I'm addicted............just think it involved water!!!!! ;)

we had a wee break last weekend (thats where I tried my new adventure) + went camping in New Plymouth at the Fitzroy camping ground. Great place!!! I didn't even feel like I was in town. Beach + the most fabulous walkway right outside our tent!!

just quickly before i go to bed as its late again!!!

super FAB cyber crop over at SBO tonite + one very famous + super cute guest scrapper all the way from the USA - who has set a challenge by the way. Be quick as there are only 2 more places left (I think)!!

and secondly have you checked out the lastest DARE on No.8 wired . Very cool + funky.......+ wow some very inspiring LO's on there............don't forget to give the girls some LOVE!!! :)

and OK thirdly.............a BIG shout out to my super talented friend Chris Millar who made it to the top 50 in the Making Memories Idol.................go sign up so you can vote for her!!

OK got get me some shut eye!!!



Tracy said...

YOu are a night owl aren't you?!Cute layout!! Love it!

Lissy said...

LOVE the layout - great scraplift :) I used felt for the first time yesterday which I also bought before Christmas!!

Must have been nice to get away for a weekend - we don't do it enough :)

Donna said...

Wow, you were up late...hope you don't fall asleep tonight LOL
Love your funky layout!

Lissy said...

oh and by the way - when do I get upgraded to a blogging :)

Chris Millar said...

Oh, this layout is sooooooooo cool Rach!!! Love the felt and Orange/green/blue combo is my favourite!!! Awesome!! Thanks for the little plug too!!!LOL
Hey, I think I know what your new exciting adventure is!

Megan said...

What a cool layout Rach! And thanks for the link to the Scrapjacked site - how cool is that??!!

Megan xx

Monique also known as Meek! said...

Hey wouldn't think it would be hard to not think too much but its actually quite tricky isn't it lol!!

Love your He said/she said jack of Ambers layout, the spotty felt is very cool!

lianne said...

Super cool Rach.

Anonymous said...

this is so so cute
thanks for the jack!

Courtney DeLaura said...

lovin your jack.
great job!