Saturday, February 24, 2007

she was here!!

Elsie was here!!!!! - at our cyber crop on SBO
what a chick!!!

she set a 30 min challenge to doodle on a photo - No.9 out of her book.

never done this ..........first photo was a boob job but got it right with the second one!! It was FUN!!

and OK I will admit I never made it in the 30 mins but I did do it in 40mins + that is FAST for

checkout my baby below.............well he's not my baby anymore :( but more like a crazed

the rest of the crop was FUN with lots of chatter + fish being slapped in our faces the wee hours of the morning with some very cheeky :)

I had a challenge set for the girls............a "catch up" challenge for those doing the Get Real comp + for those not they could pick a topic from the comp + scrap away.

here's my LO for the challenge

hope your all having a great weekend?

and oh checkout Liannes Scrapjack........very cool :)



Andrea B said...

Gorgeous layouts Rach. LOL .. I'm exhausted after the last few days but it was fun and that new chatroom is so much better. Love those KI papers, haven't seen the 2006 Christmas one's used much at all.

Megan said...

How cool that you had Elsie involved!!! And your layouts look great Rach....can we see the boob job lol? Love that term rofl.

Megan xx

Shelly Brewer said...

Love what you came up with! Wow!

Lissy said...

boob be Kiwi) you're a endearment and not offensive BTW)

You are coming up with the goods on your layouts at the moment! Fabulous stuff! Always loved your slightly off beat style...makes my stuff look so rigid and "straight"!

We took the bed out of the room you slept in ages ago and now it is full of MORE when we move we have an extra room and a granny flat!