Tuesday, February 14, 2006

where did that week GO!!!!?????

HELP it's a new week already!!!!!
well its being a crazy past week for us here firstly the phone ringing for the job ad we had in the paper for a 'Farm Assistant'. Then we had all the interviews starting last Wednesday night, through the weekend + the last one last night.
WOW it was very interesting as I have never being involved with employing ppl. And yes their we some very interesting ppl that came to the interviews too!!! Some ppl didn't even bother to turn up - man how rude is that!!!!! Also found that some ppl were interviewing us too see if we would be good employees + I have to say its a great idea as there are some real Ahole boss's in the farming industry. But i have to say Kev makes a awesome boss + is a true believer of balance - work + play!!!! Or maybe I just say that cause i sleep with the boss.........LOL.
Anyway we got finally made a pick + our 'Farm Assistant' will start at the beginning of March.
I have to admit i did want to go for the very 'easy on the eye' guy. Who wouldn't want to sit across from him every morning at breakfast time - oh soooooo cute!!!!!!
Ok I started Lianne'c challenge + it turned to custard + its a total bulls up so NO one is going to see it!!! Sorry Lianne great challenge but I just don't want to go there..................lol.
I have being busy making a few BTP things - which i normally hate doing but they have turned out OK. Firstly I made a birthday pressie for the very talented Chris Millar!! Can't let you on that one until she gets it!!! And secondly a 'tooth fairy' box for Finn's FIRST tooth - yes did you read that Finn's first tooth!! + then he lost a second one a few days later. Man how generous is that Tooth Fairy - $2 a pop!!!!! Can't share that either as I'm applying for a few DT's everywhere. Who wants ME!!!!!......................lol. I miss those mthly chanllenges of when you get a pack.
And finally the update on my little man Taidhg - we had a checkup with the paediatrician last week + his kidneys are not fully functioning yet but his normal + will take about another 6mths to get there + as well as his blood levels. But he's differently himself - total hurricane hosking!!!
Also a mighty BIG thanks for everyone coming on my blog to post. Muchly appreciated!!!!


Michelle said...

Hey Rach, so glad to here Taidhg is well on his way to getting better.
Congrats on picking a new assistant, i would so hate to be in your shoes it must of been a very tedious task lol!!!


Ali said...

Great work Batman ... now you know what I do for a living so ..... guess that means when I want a holiday, Rach can come and recruit for me????

Anonymous said...

LOL I would have gone for the very easy on the eye guy.

I am glad to hear that Taidhg is being a hurricane, and that he is on the way to recovery :-)

Regina xoxo

Yolande said...

LOL on the "easy on the eye guy" what a hard decision. Man your toothfairy is generous. How many teeth do they have again?

Delys said...

Lol @ total hurricane Hosking! Thats great that hes feeling better in himself! Im sure lots of DT will want you as you are such a talented chiccy babe! Go Rachel! Cant wait to see tooth fairy box...man $2 isnt the tooth fairy such a sweetie?

nic said...

Good to see the Hosking clan back on track! and yea for the HOT farmworker! lol


Chris Millar said...

Glad Mister T Hurricane is tearing the place apart and is on the fast road to recovery! We want to see the layout you did for Liannes challenge, come on!!!! Good luck with the new worker!

lianne said...

Yes I want to see your challenge page too. Great to hear Taidhg is better. Hhmmmm hot farmworker.