Friday, February 24, 2006

back on deck!!!

well my week has being filled with snot + more snot!!! Still got a glazed dounut in the house.......and that would be Hurricane Taidhg or T man as Nic has named him!!! Poor wee mite is cutting 6 teeth at the moment and Finn's lost 2 + Ruby has 4 fillings to be filled but had to cancel twice due to her yukky cold!!! Oh yeah sorry forgot I already mentioned Mr Finn's teeth - and YES what a very generous 'Tooth Fairy'. And it wasn't me either!!!!
Nothing much happening here. I have being working on a card for a ex colleague of mine, who is also Ruby's kindy teacher. Her Mum died last week and I just want to make a wee card to let her know I was thinking of her.
Front of the card + inside.
I'm off to a crop tomorrow. Some time to myself...YAY!! And them we going to UB40 at the Bowl of Brooklands in New Plymouth. Its just awesome there - a little lake + grassy hill side to watch the show from, its quite a magical place in fact!!! I think the last time I saw UB40 was when i was about 17.......eeek that's about 18years ago.......holy cow!!!!
Do some of you remember one of my first blog entries I had a photo of some VERY naughty lambs?? Well watch this space for a LO of them!!!
Once again I should learn not to blog when there is a baby on the loose!!! I think I might have to steal Nic's LO of 'Get out of the toilet' + place a photo of Taidhg on there!!! That boy just dropped 2 rolls of loo paper in the LOO!!!..............he thinks it a great joke!!!
YAY thank god its Friday!!!
have a good one
ps I heard there is going to be scrap camp???...I'll be there with bells on as I couldn't go last year!!!


Alli said...

don't they just love toilet paper!! I must scrap some potty pics, everything goes by so fast

and lucky you off to see UB40!! have a wonderful time it sounds like a great spot

Michelle said...

Love the card Rach.
I wish I had discovered Scrapbooking when Jenna was a baby she was forever putting things down the loo but at the time I never thought of taking any photos of her doing it....isn't it funny how scrapbooking has a way of turning one into a person who takes photos of anything and everything lol!!!
Good on you for going to scrap camp, I would love to go too but I have only just convinsed DH that going to CC in August is a "GOOD THING" some how I don't think I will be able to convince him that scrap camp falls into the catagory too lol!!!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card Rach.
UB40 played in Rotorua last night. We could hear them from our house - sounded like a great concert. Hope you've got photos from the first concert so you can do a 'then & now' layout!

Chris Millar said...

You've done such a fab job of this card Rach! Love all the stitching, very funky!!! Hope you had fun at UB40 and the crop!!

lianne said...

Awesome card Rach. Sounds like a cool concert and venue.

Ali said...

Yah she's back! have missed ya Rach - lucky bugger going to UB40 although sounds as if you've earned it.

Lara said...

that card is too gorgeous.