Tuesday, November 22, 2005

small animal !!!!

ok after being scrapped out at ISC (a scrapbooking convention for all those non scrapbooking ppl out there) in Sydney - i have finally got my mojo back + have got 4 LO's on the go!!!! Anyway i was on a roll last night + had a bit of a late one - 1.00am in fact!!! So I will be very tired this arvo but to make matters worse when i went to bed there was this noise in the bedroom. I said to Kev whats that noise? He said he thought it was me making noises while I was scrapbooking??? Do I make noises while I scrapbook???!!!!.............LOL. Anyway his next reply was its probably just a small animal!!!! Small animal what small animal in our bedroom!!!????
In the end I must of fallen asleep + I had forgotten about that noise when i got up this morning until I heard it again. So I traced the noise to the walk in wardrobe. And you will never believe what that flamin noise was???? It was one of Tiadhg's BD pressies - a play phone making this click click click sound!!!! Small animal!!!! I think Kev needs to get out more!!!

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lianne said...

Hey Rach. Too funny about the toy phone. I could not have gone to bed though without knowing what it was especially thinking it may be a small animal LOL.