Saturday, November 19, 2005

first timer!!!

oh how cool we have a blog!!!!
these things are sooooooooooo adicitve ........but I do love reading them!!!
Well its Sat morning here + the house has being up since 6.00am!!!! For some reason Finn loves to get up really early + wake everyone else up.!!!! This makes a very grumpy Mummy!!!
Well whats new at our place??? - My scrapping space is complete but i just have to buy more containers for my bits + peices that don't have homes yet!!! Its just perfect + it's wonderful that I don't have to tidy away at night any more + all my scrappin shit (as Kev calls it) is off the dinning room table!!! Kev has got the office side of the room looking good + now has all the accounts up to date.
Taidhg is on the move + there is NO stopping him. Commando crawling everywhere. He follows me down to my scrappin space now + thinks he is so clever!!!! No sign of wanting to stand yet. I think he might be a late walker like Finn. Its hard to think that Ruby was walking at 11mths.
Finn is learning to swim at school atm + is very proud of himself. Ruby has being very sick with tonsillitis this week, so i have keep her home from kindy + daycare.
wow this blogging is so easy!!!
thats me for now
Rach, kev, Finn, Ruby + Taidhg


Miss H said...

Oh wow Rach this is too cool!!! I'm so excited that you have a blog. A finished scrapping space is just so good. I'm still at the "have to pack it up" stage of my scrapping life. Sal :)

Michelle said...

Hey Rach, so glad you joined us all in the world of blogging lol!!!
It is great to have your own scrapin place I can leave my space in as much mess as i want and don't have to put everything away.

Michelle (aka Shell Cryns)