Monday, March 21, 2011

all night long!!

recently we partied all night long to celebrate kevs coming of age 40!! I say coming of age as he doesn't turn 40 till the last day of this month!!

It was a awesome party.............a garden/farm party!! No dress ups............but just some good wholesome kiwi fun in the garden under a huge tent with fairy lights, candles, roast lamb on the spit + with some hay bales added to the mix!! And the weather was perfect!!......but being autumn the nights are cooler + we had to wrap up a bit was really the perfect autumn garden party!! OK kev would not call it a garden party but I do!! ;)

I was a bit slack on the photo taking .............. but you know I was playing host + all!! But I do believe there are some goodies floating out um esp of some people having pole climbing comps at the end of the night!!
We were able to leave the tent up for a few extra nights + have a lovely family barbie the next night before kevs brother went back to Aussie.

The last few weeks have being crazy aound here with the farm, school actitives, builders + weekends away! Speaking of weekends away a few weeks back we went to support our friend in the Taupo Ironman. Wow amazing!! The fitness level of some ppl are just mind blowing + I'm not talking about the ppl that are the pros..........but just the everyday ppl like you + me. I was very inspired but not enough to do one!! I just don't have the mental stamina!!

Also have to mention the amazing fundraising ppl around the country that I know personally have done for CHCH. You girls are awesome!! But as well I love reading in our local paper here in the Naki The Daily News the amazing things ppl are doing to help CHCH out too!!.......the huge amounts of money being raised. WOW makes me so proud to be part of some of these awesome things happening. I can't imagine what CHCH is going through + to have more aftershocks last night........... CHCH is never far from my mind!!

summer is coming to a end...........I feel sad about this as we have had the most amazing summer this year doing so many things as a family!

On the creating side I have made a few cards of late.