Wednesday, February 16, 2011

simple + cute

Ok so I was planning on having this wonderful surprise valentines afternoon tea for the kids on Monday..........but then I remembered its golf straight after school + then hip hop + we don't get home until after that wasn't going to work!! So I aimed for Tuesday but I had totally down scaled it!! So I went for simple + cute!!........we don't really celebrate this day ourselves Kev or I.........but I thought it would be fun for the kids. And Ruby had made us a sweet card!

So here's simple + cute.

I made the little signs + stuck them to the lollipops + then suck them into the muffins (Nigella muffins......which are sooooo good). Underneath I placed jellybabies + Hersheys chocolate kisses. There was more in the bottom but I wasn't as quick as the kids.......they found them + had already sampled some!!

and my little Valentines!!

1 comment: said...

How sweet of you. I think they were happy about it.