Monday, September 27, 2010

lunchtime meeetings

to discuss what we will do these holidays..............resulted in the 'Idea Jar'!!
Have to admit I saw this on a blog last week so I must give credit but I can't remember who the blog belonged too (um yes hanging out on a lot of blogs!)........ but I do know it was a Aussie blog!! So yes loved the idea + decided this would be great for my kids!!

So the kids wrote down all the things they would like to do in the hoildays.............but there is a but!! They had to pick things they could do around home...........I do believe there is a 'Adventure Jar'......... which includes day trips etc. but for now we are just doing the 'Idea Jar'!!
So now the jar is filled with their little ideas...........for example ......... chalk drawings, do some baking, play a board game of your choice + playstation for suggestion on the time limits for certain things!!

Ruby can't wait to pick a idea out + Finn is hoping for his idea 'play rugby'!! It will be interesting to see how this little idea pans out!!

So today our farm was filled with sunshine + everyone went out to play, skip, run, yell + yelp!!! And I got loads of washing done!! What a difference when that sun shines + warms your face!! It made me so happy today!!

One thing I love about school the late nights I can have!! Last night I watched a French film till 12.30 + then read my book set in Italy till 1.30..........infact finished it! So I felt rather travelled before closing my eyes!! Oneday I will go back!
I'm having a few people over tomorrow so I hope the sun shines down on us!!


Lara said...

adore the horse and washing photo! The jar idea is a good one :-)

Kellie Collis said...

You have a very lovely farm! I also love it when I could hang clothes to dry. Kellie xx

Heart Felt said...

The horse photograph is just classic...good luck with the school holidays! xx