Thursday, September 23, 2010

celebrating 10!

Finn turned 10 on the 19th! 10 where did that go!!
It was a big weekend. Bowling on the Saturday, sleepover with 3 others, dvd, outside in the rain playing ball games + then tunnel crawling in the mud!! It was lots of fun + man can those 10yr old boys eat!!

love this pic of Taidhg..............he had such a good time bowling + was on the adults team + bet me!!

And the cake!! Finn wanted a rugby field. How easy was that!! I was feeling rather overwhelmed with tiredness by mid morning Sunday (told boys to be quiet at 1am + then they were awake at 6.45am) that I forgot to take a pic of cake without candles...........doesn't look as good with candles in. Tasted yum too!!

I made Finn 'Bart Simpson' themed invites. It was like a postcard...........pic on front + info on the back. Simple!!

just a little 'yay' its taken me all week to post this post!! Thank goodness its the last day of term looking forward to the hols!!
ps. can you believe it yesterday I was putting the wheelie bin out in the snow + collecting mail!!
I had a great time all by myself!! Snow in my hair + on my face!!

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My daughter is 5 in a few weeks, and I know what you mean, where does the time go??? Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.