Thursday, December 10, 2009

home alone!

this guy........yes my baby turned 5 on the 5th of this mth.

and he went to school on Monday.

so I am home alone!!..........a mum of no preschoolers!!
so how do I feel?
a little sad that baby is a school boy + how quickly he has grown + changed + ready to learn more. I miss him hanging out with me in the morning before kindy + in the arvo.
But I DONT MISS driving into town for kindy.
He did this on Tuesday............and written all over his face was "I'm a big now riding the bus to school"

so he will get a week + a half before the summer hols........just a taste of whats to come!
And to my surprise my week has being rather busy.

Today I helped Ruby's class make these. I first saw them on here but had to adapt them to what we had here locally. fun!


and Ruby's

and did you see the lastest ezine out at SBO ? a great read + some awesome inspo.
I was lucky again to have Andrea ask's my creations using the BG nook + pantry range with a bit of Cosmo nutmeg thrown in there.........I found they worked well together.

this is my fav LO out of the 4.

I wasn't so keen on this one but I have grown to like it..........working in such straight lines + that boxed look isn't really me.

my version from Trina's sketch.

and 42 pumpkins

hopefully I'll be back a sooner than later but i have had some health issues to deal with but things are looking good now + I feel normal again!!

and i have got lots of xmas decorating to do..............I so love love love this time of year!!
and hey I have signed up to do this too........can't wait!!

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