Sunday, January 11, 2009


Yep I pulled apart + redid a older LO. Never done this before but I was never happy with the LO from the beginning. It was one of me as a baby.


After Love all that sassa!!

In December I was asked by one of the girls on the Label Tulip DT if they could use my LO to lift. Nice wee surprise. I remember clearly having these photos taken by Susan Kepple (who lived at the top of my hill) on my mum's camera!! And I sooooooooooooo loved those shorts + top...............hehehe soooooooo 80's eh! I must of thought I flippen "awesome" that day!! ;)

Just a few LO's I completed in the last few days of 2008!
Had that photo sitting on my desk for a few mths now...........good to scrap it, as I love this photo.

and look another one of me (+dad)..............this time 1979 xmas day. I got a red Cruiser + how I LOVED this bike!

Ok so did you all get a shock to see that I still create!!????
I didn't do a lot towards the end of last year as I was so busy with the kids + their after school activites + I basically hit a brick wall about mum!
oh that does remind me I need to share that LO I did of mum + time.
So what does 2009 hold for you? I stopped making resolutions along time ago as I always break I'm just going to keep things simple + enjoy it!
I'm off to help out at a Cryptic dinner tonight...........should be fun!!
oh i have had a few ppl ask what was wrong with Finn. He had a Bronchial Virus + couldn't breath. Fun!


Nicole said...

What great lo's!!

Lissy said...

Love all your layouts Rach - you super model have given you a blog award but you will have to visit me as I am not sure how to link it here :) Lissy

Gigi said...

oh i missed seeing your work & "hearing" you :)
i'll e-mail you but in the meantime let me tell have still got it girl! GORGEOUS work :)
love that top model one & that photo from behind of the kids & your husband? glorious!


Chris Millar said...

Hi Rach, hope you're having a good start to 2009! I remember when you did that first layout - I love them both, but do love the pretty Sass papers. LOL at the top model layout! You go girl! Super layout of Kev and the kids! Hope you're all healthy now.

Lara said...

Love seeing your creativity back here again, love the shorts :-)

Anonymous said...

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