Sunday, December 28, 2008

catch up

and this is a bit of what we have being doing

I made these for the teachers at school...........survival cans!
and before I forget the wee tree on the side "4 you" I got that idea from Ngaire Bartlams gallery off Tarisota.

ringing santa!

singing xmas carols

celebrating that school is out! (love this pic)

finally decorating the tree............only a little tree this year!

visiting santa!

leaving a note for santa on xmas eve (thx Ruby)

opening pressies on xmas morn

and finally a day at the beach on boxing day!

and what you don't see is the vomitting bug that 4 of us have had.
the xmas deco's we made.
my head cold.
the missing of mum.
and spending half of xmas day in hospital with Finn.
well its very late + I have completed my carmel slice for my wee trip away tomorrow.
I hope you all had a fab xmas (even with all that illness we still had a lovely time away) + no doubt I will be back in Jan sometime.


Sharmaine said...

Happy Christmas Rach! Have been thinking of you and glad that the time went ok.
Hope you have a fabby holiday and I LOVE the beach photo!!

Scrappykea said...

hope you are all on the mend now? what happened with Finn on Christmas day?
'see' you later this month.

Twobees said...

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year Rach. I hope everyone is on the mend and back to 100%.
Gorgeous photos, and I love the note to Santa. Just gorgeous.
Bronny :)