Saturday, December 13, 2008

speak up................

well I would if I could but I have got laryngitis!!
I speak in a whisper to the kids + they reply in a whisper - this is good!!
Kev likes it too!!

Ok so its Sat night + I'm doing a solo as kev seems to have this amazing social life atm..........while I stay half true but while he goes + watches ppl show of their body building skills tonight (eck so don't get that sport/hobby)..............I get to stay home + rent Kung Fu Panda for the kids + for me a bottle of wine, a box of scorched almonds + the movie Juno!!
yeah I know slow to watch these movies but atm I like being slow............everyone is always in a rush to do everything yesterday!!

so xmas is slow coming to my house this year. It makes me sad as I made a huge effort last year. So far I have put out one decoration on the sideboard. We brought our xmas tree on Wednesday night + it's still out on the deck!!!! I know why I feel like this + I'm trying to get it together for the tomorrow we are having a craft day - well it will start with all 4 of us + then Finn will get sick of it + then Taidhg will leave + then my girl will hang with me a bit + then I'll be on my own. I popped into Spotlight today + got some goodies to make some button trees I saw on this blog - too easy but look fantastic .
Man to buy simple crafts bits + bobs is expensive in NZ.
The kids also made a boxed xmas tree out of the computer boxes. We painted that a week ago + that needs some lovin with some lovely homemade deco's.
Oh yeah then there is the teachers that idea sorted just need to make it!

and yeah sorry no pics as my battery needed charging from my camera.
but hey check out the lastest dare . It might leave you feeling all warm + fuzzy!! And such a cool prize from a very cool cute site from NZ too, run by a talented scrapper Neilla + Bee.
check them out

ok juno awaits.



Lara said...

yay Rach, nice to 'see' you again :-) Hope the craft day went well! and that your voice comes back to full strength. I don't get the body building thing either. yuck.

Andrea B said...

Ah ha .. you are still about!!

Hope you guys have an awesome Christmas I'm thinking of you and LOL about your voice!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

Merry Xmas Rach!! Hope you're having a good time :)