Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A new week!!

You know sometimes you have a bad day + just look forward to the end of it because of the way it makes you feel?? Well mine lasted a week!!..............so here's to a new week!!

why so bad?

1. Taidhg started vomiting after Finn's BD
2. Worker was nearly killed in a car accident............or maybe he just wanted to see how many times his car can flip (think 8 is enough?) + then with a act of flying through the windscreen!!
Oh btw he was only drink driving + wasn't wearing a seatbelt...............on the young + dumb!!
3. Prepared myself for bad news re worker!!
4. Worker walks away with minor injuries.
5. Should advise worker to buy a power ball this weekend!!
6. Taidhg gets worse + lost lots of weight.
7. Taidhg nearly gets admitted to hospital
8. Taidhg improves
9. Test results come back saying he had contracted campylobacter - probably from feeding the calves!
10. Ruby drving me mad as her chicken pox are only itchy but her attitude is bad!!
11. Since worker can't work we have employed his brother to relief milk (oh that was a good thing).....................but read #12.
12. Workers brother rolls car on the same road as big brother driving 120km on Sat arvo. Can't milk that night or morning. Hmm history repeating itself!!
13. Sends a friend to help who must be related to dumber + dumb!!
12. our life is turning into a circus
14. at least we can laugh!!
15. new week - school hols................having fun with the kids. Finn + Taidhg are brewing the pox!!
16. spending some time in my room!!

And the LO of Finn doing his 'peace out' pose.
LOVE that Dream St orange pp.........YUM!!

and for the lastest Dare . I had printed out a lot of index pics for a project I had planned to do last year.............never happened so when Trina suggested her dare + I knew these pics would be used.

This LO makes me happy!!

Both LO's are created from Label Tulip kits.
here's to that good week!!


Sharmaine said...

My goodness I am glad everyone survived that week!!!
Love LOVE the orange layout!!
Love them both but oh I love orange!!
Heres to the new GOOD week!

Lara said...

WOW. gotta smile :-) need humour to cope with that lot!

Donna said...

Well it can really only get better! I think you need a wine & a hug!
Love your layouts! Awesome. Also love your blog banner - that makes me a little homesick!! Turn on the nice weather for this weekend please. We're bringing the kids down to mums.

Lissy said...

oh blimey Rach - I would be glad that week was over too :) Great layouts :)

Chris Millar said...

Hope the holidays are getting better Rach and that those sickies are much better now. I agree with Donna about the hug and wine - make it a few bottles! Love the peace out layout! Thanks for the congrats over at my blog and yes, Jason is cheeky laughing at me bouncing! Have a great weekend!

Chez said...

are you alive dude?