Tuesday, September 09, 2008

1st + 3rd

thats how we placed in the cross country today!
Finn 1st

Ruby 3rd

Proud Mamma here! Ruby huge improvement from last years last to 3rd + Finn from 4th to 1st. I know I shouldn't expect a lot from the kids but as Kev is a talented runner + I was once at primary + high school level I expect my kids to naturally be good runners!!

So the lastest dare on No.8 wired is mine - scrap the weird + strange!
The photo in my LO is what inspired this dare.

I got a few mths back a few packs of Fancy Pants + I'm finally having a chance to have a play.

I just LOVE these pics of Taidhg. He makes a rather cute frog!!

and *sigh* how I am loving the spring weather.............esp when that sun shines!! It just makes my heart sing after all that depressing rain over winter!!

I decided a few weeks back to start my own random sunday shots.............here's some from our recent sunday - fathers day!

Kev + his new toy..............yes a windsurfer on wheels!! He is busting his gut to get on the sea but the wind has being crap!! So a land job will have to do!!

Mr T!! Love this pic!!


hey the trip to see Sue was awesome!! I believe its heading to AKL after it leaves the Naki in nov.

as Finn always says "peace out"



Lissy said...

Lots of fabulous news there Rach...sounds like you are all well :) T looks so big :) They three do acutally!

Lara said...

great pics Rach! cool dare :-)

Chez said...

oh i love the new look girl! and your pic.......is stellar! :)

big chez hugs!