Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No.........I haven't been on holiday but how I wish!!

Just busy with the everydays + my blog just got forgotten for a wee bit....................but WOW where did that month of October go!!??

We have had pets/mission day at school + lots of tray displaying, windchimes made out of spoons + forks, strange containers to hold a floral arrangement, card making, buzzy bee hangers + plate windows. A crazy week + 2 very tired school kids, along with 1 tired mumma that week!!
Got a last visit in with Sue the T-Rex before she goes off to the big smoke in Auckland.
Ruby is getting ready for her end of year dance show + Finn joined the chess club at school.
Taidhg started morning I'm childless till 12.30 everyday!! Strange feeling!!
We have planted out our vege garden - enough to feed the neighbourhood + also Ruby + I planted some Swan plants (or as Ruby calls them Swamp plants) + we hope that it will bring some Monarch butterflies to our garden.
Kev had his annual windsurfing comp at Labour Weekend................Labour Weekend when was that again??

Time is flying people!!

But we did something very FUN last Friday, which was our annual "Trick or Treat" around the neighbourhood farms. I so LOVE Halloween + really enjoy it as much as the kids do.
So after school we made ghost cookies as wee thanks for the treats + made some felt + pipe cleaner spiders. I wish everyday could be like this after school.........getting crafty!!

Our ghost cookies made by Ruby + Taidhg.

Spider making .............check out that frustrated look on Ruby's face!!

so love this one of Mr T + his friendly spider.

The Trick or Treaters.....................Finn was Tony Hawk a professional skateboarder, Ruby a friendly devil + Taidhg a dog.
And Finn was happy but just decided that he didn't need to smile..............a boy thing I guess!!

and I just LOVE this one of Ruby + Rosie. Rosie sometimes babysits the kids + sadly next year she is moving to Wgtn to study but I just love how she made a effort to dressup for the kids.
Doesn't she do creepy well!!

And I still scrap. YES I do people!!
I made this 4oth card for a friend using some of Elles number tags a few weeks back.

A LO about the windwand in New Plymouth. We have such a fantastic walkway here in New Plymouth + along the way you come across this gaint windwand, designed by Len Lye. Those 2 tiny ppl in the photo you can just see are Finn + Taidhg.

and I'll leave you with this close up on my lastest LO I did for Ruby of her + my mum back in March. I need to get a better pic of the LO - the ones I took are awful + don't do the LO or photo any justice.

and for once I'm looking forward to the elections. Have been sitting up for once + watching + listening to what's been said.
I've also followed the US elections a bit too and its great to be part of history + seeing the first black american president voted in.
wow when did I get so grown up!!

oh also if you haven't checked out the lastest!! Totally one for the birds!! Working on mine + such a fantastic prize donated by Tarisota.

Its nice to be back people :)


Tracy said...

Yay Welcome back! Love all the pics you have shared, looks like your guys had a ball at Halloween. Sounds like a busy time! Love the peek of your layout of Ruby with your Mum, looks georgous!

Niella said...

Glad to have ya back Rach!! Heehee.

Love the look of Ruby's face making spiders! Cute!

Chez said...

I was beginning to worry about you!

Chris Millar said...

Wow, what have you been doing with yourself on your mornings without Mr T?!! Love the halloween pics.
Cool layout too!
Hope you're well.

Lara said...

cool use of those number tags!