Wednesday, August 27, 2008

off to meet Sue tomorrow........

the T-Rex!!!
she's come all the way from The Field Museum in Chicago to the Naki!!

we are lucky enough to have in New Plymouth a mini Te Papa but ours is called Puke Ariki. Its fantastic to think that the smaller provinces don't miss out + our kids get to experience shows like Sue the T-Rex. So I'm taking a car load of kids from Finn's class. Really looking forward to it myself! OK I will be honest she's NOT the real Sue but they made up a model (to scale) of her so she could travel the world!! Still cool, huh!
Well those that know me well know I'm knee deep in calves + milk atm!! I really enjoy feeding the calves + taking time out from my normal routine to be pushed around by hungry calves twice a!! I have my helper most days by my side or running around the calf shed - Mr T!! So here you go Mrs Chez esp for you!!

on the way to the calf shed. Look at my merry workers!!

and look at that pure joy as the calf sucks on his hand!!

calves feeding!!

and *gasp* she's scraps!!

this LO is for the recent dare. We had to scrap something related to sports or just being physical + include 5 circles in honour of the olympics!
I was in a Fancy Pants mood. Not to sure about this LO but hey its some history recorded for the Scooby!!

and i also made this card about 5 weeks ago for a online comp that is still running but I pulled out as I'm having a hard time creating + to be honest wasn't just my thing.

You had to make a card + use green, a empty product pack + make a envie out of newspaper.

oh btw NZ dares now has a flickr group. Plz come + join us! We still have the blog but we thought it would be a great way to share your work! And a new dare will be going up on Friday - from me!! http://

also this Friday we are having a cyber crop at SBO. There's going to be a challenge between the old DT + the new DT. Should be FUN! Also watch out for the next ezine - coming to your inboxes soon!!

and i just want to say thanks to all your kind thoughts about my first visit from my dad. It was very sad but I was so happy to have him here + I know that even though his heart was hurting like hell he enjoyed our company + having someone around to put a smile on his beautiful face.

now just a HUGE high 5 for our gal Steph!!! - Kev's sister!! She won a HUGE Wella hairdressing comp at the weekend in AKL + the prize was a trip to London!! WTG Steph love ya!!

over + out



Chez said...

ok that wasnt so bad, I was really worried you were going to put birthed cows on there! ICK!!!!!! Your kiddos look so happy! :)

Lara said...

cool update Rach... love the calf feeding pics!

Chris Millar said...

Such adorable pics of the kids on the farm Rach! Love your scrapping project too! Well done to Steph!

Chris Millar said...

Such adorable pics of the kids on the farm Rach! Love your scrapping project too! Well done to Steph!

sally hanna said...

i miss our crazy e/p mails, but you seem to be a bit busy at the moment. looks like fun with all those moo babies! we saw sue a couple of years ago and loved it!!
i hope you didn't try to stamp in the car with that carload of kiddies, hehehee! xoxo