Monday, February 04, 2008

so the routine begins!!

and ecck the alarm went off at 7.00am!!
feed kids.
kids got uniforms on + T dressed.
cleaned teeth.
I made their lunches.
they packed their bags with their lunch boxes + put their beautifully covered school books in their book bags. (can i just mention how much i dislike cover seal - a man must of invented that, surely!!).
me showered.
faces washed + hair done.
sandles on.
into car.
drive to school.
take T to the dental clinic.
home for coffee. (oh so important).
hung washing out.
vaccumed part of house.

yeah so the rountine has begun!!
it feels good!

tomorrow the kids will catch the bus.

so here is my lastest LO using the jan kit for SBO
always feel good to play a bit of catch with older photos.........I so work out of order.........LOVE that!!
me + my boys back in 2005. Love this photo!!...........also the photo is blurry irl.

and here's a LO that I did while I had a few days in Wgtn by myself visiting my parents.I have used one of the collections from SIS
+ I have to say its my fav collection!! A simple LO for me but I LOVE!

We had a fab day at the beach a week or so before xmas + I took this photo of Kev while I was lying on the beach + he didn't know I took this pic...........hehehe

so back to routine

time to start dinner!!

hope everyone who had kids going back to school today had a good first day back + all the best for those starting on Thursday! :)



Lissy said...

great pages Rach...look how little your boys are in that photo :)great pic of Kev too :)E starts school Wednesday so I am looking forward to some routine too:)

Michelle said...

...cute pages!! =) Thanks for stopping by my lil blog, too! =)