Friday, February 08, 2008

next round

so I moved onto the next round for the Scrapinstyle Fashionista call.
the talent is amazing crazy + I'm feeling completely honoured + a little bit stunned to find myself in this group of 42 woman, who just aren't amazing in their work but who are supportive + a super caring bunch. Good luck girls!!
And a BIG whoop whoop to Michelle Tan who also made to the next round!!
go the kiwis!!

so this was my LO I submitted in the last round. You basically had to say why you wanted to be a Fashionista.

so now I have got my thinking cap on really hard for the next challenge!

So yeah we are having the most amazing summer this to the point we are almost our of water again!! And if we don't get anymore rain we will have to dry the cows off..........thats not good as normally we milk right through to mid May. Prayers, thoughts + finger + toe crossing is really good atm for us to get some rain please!! And not just us............there are far worse off places than us in NZ atm!! Feel super sorry for the dry stock farmers down South!

I hope all you townies are being good with your use of water?? Fixing those leaks, running water when needed, having super low pressure showers to the point its almost like a dribble + you feel like you are back flating (yep thats us atm) + only using your washing machine when you have a full load.

Even though its a pain in the bum having to limit our water use (yes atm we are only flushing when we really need to) its doing our kids the world of good - we talk about ppl in Africa (or like the Lion on the Telecom ads says Afreeca) + even other countries that have no water supplies that have to walk up to 2hrs to get water + then back again.............and sometimes children the same age as Finn (7yrs) have to do this job. Finn's comment to this was "and I wouldn't be allowed to spill a drop as its too precious"!! He didn't like the idea that you would have to carry it on your head as well in a big container. Love these converstations with the kids.

WOW! So who noticed the Easter Buns for sale in the supermarket like 3 weeks ago?? I've being buying them every week as Finn loves them. But it just seems crazy to be sold only like 4 weeks after xmas. Easter is way early this year!!

So a couple of weeks ago we spent the afternoon at one of the beaches in New Plymouth at the rock pools. We have amazing rocks pools here + they run for miles!! And I took this awesome photo of a kina (sea urchin) that kev found (he put it back). Have you tasted them? I have + yuck!! Its like eating a mouthful of salt..........but then again I'm not a huge seafood eater!!

I've been meaning to upload some of Ruby's LO's. In the last half of last year Ruby finally realised she could scrap with photos. She has being scrapbooking since she was 3.5yrs but she only did collage style with pattern paper + embellishments. I always asked her did she want to use a photo...........always got a no. So this is about the 3rd LO she has done so far.........pretty cute eh?? I just love she just does it + doesn't over think + knows how she wants it!! Will admit in this LO the scallops were already pre cut for a class that I taught at SENZ last year. I love how she put the swirls on her letters like that!!

And finally have you checked out the SBO blog of late?? I see Vicky has put up a fantastic challenge for you.

And what about the NZ Dares..........checked them out of late?? I'll be adding mine later today!!

Well I got a fantastic kit yesterday that needs some dealing done to it!!

Enjoy the weekend! :)



Michelle said...

Finally she updates! I had almost given up coming here! :)

Thanks for the shout out Rach!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rach

Great to see you back to updating your blog..have missed seeing what you've been up you an email tonight also

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

Beautiful layouts Rachel!!!
Have fun in this next round! You're amazing!
-Debee Campos

Nathalie Kalbach said...

Congratulations on making the next round. Love your layout with the Fancy Pant felt over your eye opened- gorgeous!

AnnaB said...

I love your layout!!!! Huge congrats on making it to the third round and good luck!!!! :)

Lara said...

WTG you!!! love Ruby's layout too. Hows that kit going?

Lissy said...

Fabulous page Rach :) Not good about the lack of water though...hope some comes your way soon :)

Vicky said...

will be wishin and hopin for you, the water and SIS hehe, you're a shoe in. LOVE rubys page, kaya uses photos but insists on covering them up with 'writing' stamps and stickers.

Kelly Rotherham said...

Hey Rach, WTG you! and the water scenario sounds like you're living in Aus, I can't believe how much water I see wasted over here, I'e seen people hosing their driveways and paths???? It's no fun when you do end up really short of it but here's a tip for you, Shower with one foot in each bucket....and don't forget to scrap a photo of that one!
PS. Pencil in June 21st, Girls Day out Scrap Extravaganza in Palmy!