Tuesday, January 29, 2008

good intentions........

I promise........ I did have them for the New Year!!
anyway here I am!!

welcome back to my blog!
so yeah lots going on in my life atm...............some good + some not so good!!
just want to give a little shout to all the awesome girls out there for all their love + caring!!
it means so much to me atm!!

so as we know its the last week of the summer hols!! As much as I find them long I always start to get a bit sad when I know they are coming to a end!! I'm going to miss my kids when they go to school next + i know 1 little guy is certainly going to miss his big brother + sister!!

so this week is filled with lots of swimming + having playdates + sleepovers!!
Kev + Finn spent the night on the mountian last night with some friends! what a adventure!! Ruby volunteered to sleep with me................arrgghhhh what a bad idea!! Do you realise how much kids move around in their sleeps + at one stage she was kicking + scratching at me like a dog...........but in staying that she has being playing alot of dog games..........so maybe she was playing them out in her dreams..........but not in my bed please!!

So OK last week I go food shopping + nearly die when I see the price of the cheese!! $14 for a kg!! Far out wasn't it only like $9 last year!! And then today I read in the paper its $16. in some places.......well holy flying cows thats just pure madness!! I truly considered for a minute I might make my own cheese.......that minute was short lived I tell ya!! I guess for some families cheese will be off the menu!! It also makes me realise how lucky I am to be able to afford food for my family!

and now some goodies to share!
these 2 LO's are from the lastest SBO kit - designed by Donna + Trina. Really enjoying this kit!

One of me + Miss Ruby. Trying to take more photos of myself + then the kids + I together!!

I just LOVE those Fancy pants stamps!! (to note they weren't part of the kit)

and my lastest LO using the kit. And another little challenge for myself to take more photos of my kids with their grandparents.

My dad + Taidhg.

until my next post!! ( no smart comments plz) :)



sally hanna said...

oh well look who finally dusted off the 'ol blog?!!!! hehe. it's about time ;)

why the heck is cheese so expensive there??

what were you thinking letting a kid sleep w/ you. no, no, no. remember those words. heheel, dreaming about being a dog, ahahaha!

kudos for taking more pics with the kiddies. love seeing you w/ them.

hope all is well. enjoy the last few days of the holiday.


Anonymous said...

Wow an update from Rach! Keep it up :)
Gorgeous layouts, esp. love the one with you in it. Very cool.

Donna said...

Well heeelllooo! Lucky I have you listed in Bloglines so I see when you're back in Blogland.
I nearly fell over when I saw the price of cheese too! My little mouse son is not happy that I'm not buying the big blocks!
Enjoy your week. I'm feeling the same. It sure will be lonely & quiet when they go back to school.

Lissy said...

well hello there :) love the pic of you and Ruby :)and look how big your little man is! I know it is two years since you were here and he was a bub but I still cannot believe he is so grown up...lol...but then M is already 6 weeks old and changing so quickly! Anyway glad you are all well...cheese is over priced here too but not that bad! xxx

nic said...

whaddya know! It's rach!!!
Missed you! Been thinking of you lots and was just about to flick an email your way THEN I thought I'd check your blog on the complete off-chance and total unlikelihood that it may have been updated.
Anyway - thinking of you!
(And we esp think of you everytime someone sneezes. Issue! Issue! Issue! lol)

Lara said...

gotta love those FP stamps... & summer!

Anonymous said...

Super layouts Rach! Especially love the one of you and Ruby!
Hope all is well in the Hoskings house!

Gigi said...

awww...rach....look who's updated their blog w/ all sorts of pretties :)

looks fabby my dear :)

& sending you big time coffee kisses & snuggly polka felt hugs :)