Saturday, April 08, 2006

the phone went down + then I went down!!!

well what a week here!!!
I thought my throat had been cut when we had no phone line for 2 whole days + nights!!!
How would I get my daily fix of the internet + emails??.........well I coped + got sooooooooo much more done around the house + you know what in the end I didn't really mind having a break from the box!!!...............Kev was pleased too ;)
so Friday morning I was a happy little camper when i woke to hear a dial tone on my phone.
But soon it was all to turn to custard.
Yesterday morning I went out to get the mail from the letterbox. I got near the end of the slope on the corner of the property when I basically went arse over kite!!!! Never never never wear jandals on wet grass!!!! All I remember is my left leg going backwards!!! And then feeling this awful pain...........then there was the fun bit - I didn't know if I should be sick or faint!!! I did neither + then tried to get up.............hell NO it wasn't going to work as I got a hot shooting pain up my leg!!! Ok my next plan was to crawl up the slope back to the house to call my inlaws (Kev was at the gym) + Ruby + Taidhg were inside. But the pain was to much to crawl up so i screamed my lungs out to Ruby (I'm sure i was heard all over the Nth Island) to bring Mummy the phone. Finally she came out to tell me that T had touched the TV!!! So she brought the phone to me so I could ring the inlaws. They both came over + helped me up into the house.
So I went to the Doc's + had a xray............NO broken bones!!!.............but a set of crutches (or crunchies as Ruby calls them) the doc never said what he thought it was but is worried about the Achillies + tendons, so back to the doc on Monday. I personally think its a really bad twist or sprain!!! But whatever the hell it is hurt like hell + is still sore. Lots of rest today.
just had to share the sexy ankle + its got a rather nice looking swell on it!!!
hope you are all having a great weekend.


lucy said...

OW OW OWIE!!!!!!!!!!!! That looks sore. Hope there is no matching bum bruise. Your ankle is sure gonna look purdy when it colours up. Great chance to rest up and maybe sneak in a little scrapping.

lucy said...

Oh and btw ....... don't believe a thing you hear about me at scrapcamp. I'm the quiet one. lol

Donna said...

That's the worst looking ankle I have seen babe! Looks mighty sore!
Hope you've got the family waiting on you?? As I said yesterday, at least you can still hold a wine glass & a glue stick!! Seriously, hope it reduces it's size soon and is not a major. Lots of ice I guess. What a rough few weeks you've had!

Lara said...

ouch - looks really sore - it doesn't rain it pours huh? Look after yourself & get the others looking after you too!

Yolande said...

OUch RAch.Hope you are ok. Them jandals won't be packed for scrapcamp now will they. Rest up... oh and you better pack some lacy undies - Loud Lucy will tell you why... I think they have to be pink!
I guess you'll be scrapping and putting your feet up this weekend... oh that sounds like heaven but the pain doesn't. Hope its ok soon. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing, yow!! Well at least you have your hands!, I broke my arm in two places with a similiar fall when I was 6mths pregnant, couldn't scrap for around 3 months, what a nitemare!!!!, I know what you mean about missing the net, its amazing how we rely on technology these days, I'd probably be having withdrawel symptoms........LOL

Chrissy said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about you needing to use "crunchies", rest up ok?!
Hugs Chrissy xx

Michelle said...

OWEEEE!!!! that looks poor thing. Rest up and take care


Anonymous said...

oh no, hope the ankle turns out to be not too troublesome ... but it doesn't sound good does it. :{
my face is all scrunched up imagining the pain. ouch.

Anonymous said...

oh no, hope the ankle turns out to be not too troublesome ... but it doesn't sound good does it. :{
my face is all scrunched up imagining the pain. ouch.

Anonymous said...

OH you poor thing Rach - hope it turns out that it is a minor injury and not achillies. Sending *getwell* vibes over the ocean to you!!
LEe :)

Chris Millar said...

Gosh Rach, that looks so swollen! Rest up girl - good excuse to do some scrapping! Good luck at the doctors tomorrow!

Unknown said...

That ankle looks sore hope you have a chance to rest up maybe read a good book to pass the time.
Rats you won't be able to do any housework or shopping what a shame.

Philippa said...

Ouch! Would you believe that my hubby sprained his ankle at paintball today?
Hope it heals quickly for you!

Anonymous said...

Rach, that is so not good, it is so swollen, hopes it gets better soon, take some time out and scrap.


Anonymous said...

Oh Rach!
Wow that is some big swelling you have got there girlie and some very sexy tape trying to hold it in.
You poor thing stuck out there by yourself - why does that stuff always happen when the other half isnt there?!

Hope the swelling has gone down and that you are getting the chance to put it up and do nothing!

nic said...

HOLY COW woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I heard ya calling but I thought you just wanted another drink, so I left ya! Thought you could get it yourself, you lazy cow! lol

Get better soon, lady! wow. that is gonna look good when it starts to turn all green and yellow and bruisy.
(miss you)


Delys said...

Owwwwwow! Thats not good alright! Hope your ankle and bruises are better and you have got rid of those blasted jandals! I hope you are claiming ACC! After all you were going to get the farming bills aye?
Get better soon and take it easy!

Tash said...

Wow that does look nasty - hope you are feeling better soon!! Take care.

Mel said...

Hope you are getting lots of TLC (and scrapping done!) - get better quick!

Becky said...

Looks like it hurts a lot! My feet are almost that big. I'm at the point where they get big and bloated - ewww! Mine doesn't hurt like yours does though. I hope it's feeling better soon!

Miss H said...

OWWW Rach!!! Oh boy what a sprain!! Really hope it heals up fast and DH and kiddies do lots of looking after you. I hear lots of "Sorry I can't walk you'll have to do it" being yelled from the scrap room or "Darl my foots really sore & I need a drink, can you bring it please" Oh hell just get a bell and train them to come on the ring LOL.

Rest up matey & get well soon :)

Big Hugs, Sal xxoo

Anonymous said...

OMG Rach!!! That looks bloody painful! Ouch.