Sunday, April 02, 2006


opps!!!...........made a boob!!! Blame it on the 'tired parent moment due to lack of sleep from dealing with spewie kids' !!!! Thanks Karen for pointing it out!!! check it out!!!
and on the sick front - Kev's come down with it along with our farm worker.............poor buggers had to milk this morning!!! But we breed em hard here in the NAKI !!!!!
Touch wood Finn + I will not get it!!!
Its raining here today after that S*U*P*E*R fantastic day here yesterday, so a indoor day here + also the little funkster SIL winged her way down from Auckland for 3 nights this morning........YAY Steph. And that means haircuts!!!!
Was going to scrap last night but ended up watching that movie 'Ladder 49'...........had a few red wines and shed a few tears at the end!!!..............hopeless I
and I'm sure a few tears were shed about the Hurricanes loss!!!!
OK off to be productive around the house.


Donna said...

Yeh, the breed em tough down there!! I remember my dad milking with his hand stitched up & in a plastic bag after a nasty scythe accident! And after a bull tossed him over the fence onto concrete!!
Actually early retirement after that one!
Have a fun day!! Don't go too rad with the haircut!!

Chris Millar said...

Poor Kev, hope he's not too bad with it! It's hard to keep a good man down!
Have fun with Steph.
We watched 'Wolf Creek' on DVD last night - talk about bloody scary!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's a tricky website address (and I know because I still haven't made a favorites link to it myself and am ALWAYS typing it in wrong and going "why didn't it work THIS TIME???")
We watched Madagascar, and Wallace and Grommet, (double feature DVD with friends) and they were both really fun movies.

Unknown said...

Well while on the DVD front we watched I am Sam last night really good but must have tissues as the tears kept coming.
Hope your family gets better soon.

Lara said...

pleased you didn't have to milk!

Lauren said...

I hope every one recovers well & that ti doesn't spread to reach you. lol

I've been meaning to watch Ladder 49 but thought it'd be a cry movie so i'd been semi avoiding it. Suck a sook.

thanks for stoping by my blog.

Enjoy woyr week,

Lauren x

Anonymous said...

LOL, Ladder 49 is on again as I speak (typical Sky repeats!!) a real tear jerker that one! Poor thing with the bugs, you can imagine what its like in our house with 9! usually takes a couple of weeks to go thru everyone. Yeah thats the way Rachael, just tell the guys to 'get hard'

Chrissy said...

Hiya Rach!! Great to catch up with you through your blog. Sorry to here your munchkins have been sick, so hope they are on the mend now!

Also the biggest CONGRATS on your DT position!! Well done!! :-) :-) Hugs! Chrissy xx