Tuesday, November 29, 2011

clearing out the cobwebs!!

yes well some time has pasted since I last posted here!!
No boring catch ups.......even I have slacked off in the photo department.......and that makes me feel sad when I look up my photos on the comp + see i'm lacking photos!!  What if I missed a really important moment.........not like getting award at school just a everyday moment that meant something!!.....ok now is a good time to start eh!!

Have being busy getting crafty of late.........not in the paper way but other ways.......oh hang on I did add paper too a shadow box does that count??  Done a truck load of thrifting.........love it!!  Also done a lot of cleaning out the cupboards........feels good!!

I'm really enjoying pinterest at the moment + getting some wonderful ideas!!
Like this idea to make the old doormat a bit interesting.  The version I saw on pinterest was for a inside mat but I knew I could do it for a outdoor mat.  So a few weeks ago I brought all the supplies + had a go.

So first you need a plain doormat...........cheap + cheerful!!
Some masking tape.
Some white spray paint.

I kept my plan pretty basic.

Apply the tape on the mat into the pattern you want.  I went for a chevron look.  And easy to apply!

Next get out your spray can + have some fun!!

Once dry take off your tape.  And whala you got yourself a cheerful fun happening chevron frontdoor mat!!

and this is what it looks like at my front door.  Unfortunately some egg creating creatures decided to jump the fence + nest on my front door + left some unwanted deposits!!

Now how much fun was that.........and it was all done in under a hour!!
Got 2 more doors that need mats........soo I gonna get some coloured spray for the next 2!!

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Trina said...

Welcome back! Have missed you! LOVE LOVE LOVE your door mat. Very cool.