Monday, June 07, 2010

while it was pouring with rain...............

last mth ..........Ruby turned 8. Where has that time gone?? I asked her not to turn 8 as she is growing up too fast!! How lucky are we to have her..............her sense of humour, her laughter, her gentle ways + of course her loudness, her ability to know that someone is sad + knows just what to say, her friendships with her brothers + her sensible ways + her so goofy ways are just some parts of her that make her something special.

Her birthday was the 15th May + off we went to chipmunks with a group of friends + then home again for some party food + then some dvds + a sleepover!!
Kev made her birthday cake.........a guitar cake..........which i have to say was pretty impressive!!
I just used sponge + made some cream chesse icing (YUM)!!

I made the invites.............making them simple like a postcard. Sorry poor photo as I took it at night.

And look what I finally got!!..............CHOOKS!! 5 in total so far!! Only 2 are laying atm but thats Ok as we are getting 2 to 3 eggs a day. They are just so funny to watch + I love it when they run!!! They look so urgent + in a hurry!! Its always about food + boy are they nosey!! Sorry pics aren't flash due my hands still shaking alot.

So with my health I went to the speacilist last week + found out I have Grave's Disease. It affects my eyes + legs. Its normally in your family or brought on by stress..............mine was stress. It can lay dormant for awhile before you know you have it. Then you have a complete burnout + that was me. I laid on the sofa for a week + couldn't move!! Also Grave's disease results in a overactive thyroid.
I'm getting better each day heart rate is still over 90, my body still shakes, I still feel nervous + anxious about everything.............thats just some of the symtoms I still have but the ones that are gone now are ........... I don't feel like I'm over heating, I can sleep through the night now + my hair is not dry + brittle anymore. I'm still taking my natural meds + feel so normal compared to 6 weeks ago..........its going to take awhile till I'm back to my normal health..........something like 18mths to 2yrs!!

So here we are in June.............that fab mth that is!! Its the beginning of winter, time to eat lots of yummy soups, light the fire, have sleepins on Sundays, winter sport on Saturdays, frost + blue skies that go on forever, a mountain at my doorstep covered in snow, no cows to milk, my birthday, a tropical hoilday, play lots of board games with the kids, go on one of our discovery winter trips somewhere in the Naki + get crafty (did I say that)!!!
So i hope you are having a fab June so far?


Trina said...

Yay for chooks!! Not yay for Grave's disease. Bugga Rach. Hope you feel better soon! Great cake Kev! Happy belated birthday Ruby!

Lissy said...

Wow Ruby looks so much like you!
Glad you are getting to the bottom of your health issues and are on the way to feeling better again! said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles. You will be OK, and what a beautiful daughter you have.