Sunday, May 09, 2010

I know I said..............

I wouldn't be back for awhile but I seem to have some extra engery this morning.........maybe it was the lovely cards I got for mothers day this morning!!!

Thanks for the get well wishes...........its a slow process but we will get there in the end but to add to the mix I also have something wrong with my liver............having test soon..........fingers crossed its nothing major!!!

With a overactive thyroid it makes you very very tired I have very little engery for anything + thats just 1 of the many symptoms I have. So when the kids go to school I seem to spend alot of time on the sofa..............I'm so over it but thats how low my engery is!! But then there are times I have to get moving + yesterday was one of those days as it was Saturday morning sport. And now that I have 3 kids playing sport we are split 3 ways. With rugby we have to travel + hockey is at the turf sametime + in Stratford each week. It looks I'm doing the home games. And yesterday I got to watch Taidhg play was his second game. I just love watching the little kids.............running the wrong way + playing in the wrong team are just some of the entertaining moments in the game. Taidhg scored 2 tries..............and hey lets not forget the 2 drop kicks he did in the game...............the result of playing with a big brother at home in the backyard!!!

Don't they just love playing with their mouthguards all the time!!

And notice we shaved all Taidhgs hair off.................bloody nits.............but fingers crossed we are over them...........we had a lady come to our house + denit us all!!...........well not Kev!! I didn't know that ppl even did that as a job!!!

And Ruby has decided to be the goalie this season for her hockey team.

and so today its Mothers Day. I have never been big on celebrating this day with brought gifts.........instead I love the handmade cards I get every year from kids. Growing up Mothers Day was not big in our house either but my mum did like a phone call to wish her a happy mothers day. Its not that we believe in it but why do we have to have a public day to remind us about our mums + say all those nice things that should be said in our everyday.
Two years ago I spent my last mothers day with my mum as she was dying + tomorrow is her second ann.
So instead of feeling sad I'm planning on taking Ruby out for arvo tea tomorrow + celebrating her - my mum + Rubys Poppins. Rubys misses her alot + I think its important to remember to celebrate what a wonderful person she was. And thank her quietly.
So to all mums that read my blog today I wish you all a wonderful mothers day with your family.
ps I do believe that as a mother on mothers day we shouldn't do anything!! ;)
apparently I'm being taking to Iron Man 2 this arvo!!

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Lissy said...

Thinking of you today Rach :) My dad died juust before Father's Day so I know how you are feeling :) Lissy