Thursday, October 01, 2009

day 4.

all is going well so far apart from the rain but I know I'm not alone in this wet patch!! We have done hoilday programme, friends sleepover + going to friends.

Today was filled with lots of tenting making (inside), stories read in the tents, breaking tents + making your sister squeal or should I say scream!! Jumping on the old couch + doing handstands on the new couch!! Running outside when the rain stopped for 5mins, making art + a spot of telly. Did i mention I only had 2 kids ...........easy!!

Tomorrow ...........not sure what that will bring but I'm thinking some baking needs to be done as I have some very turned bananas!! A spot of tiding + sorting + lets not forget the washing.........ick mines piling up due to this flippen rain!

But I'm looking forward to the weekend as Kev is having it off + its looking busy too + YAY to daylight savings!!

So for the second time I played the GOK comp over at SBO. They have had some great challenges going on over there. Wish I could of got some more done but the last 2 weeks of term were crazy here.
So I quickly squeezed one out last night just before week 4's challenge closed.

I combined 2 of the challenges - 'white' space + a $5 LO. How simple was that for me!!........but it still took me like 2hrs.
So Turf Dogging...........its windsurfing on land. Its like a HUGE skateboard + Kev can lock in his sails he uses for actual windsurfing into the board. Its great for those days he can't get to the beach ........... but the wind has to be right.
so hoping for a spot of sunshine tomorrow!

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