Sunday, September 20, 2009


yesterday we celebrated Finn turning 9!

Yesterday we had a fun time with Finn + his 3 buddies. We took them to Chipmunks..........great place for them to run, shout, yehaa + burn some of that 9yr old energy!! Then we headed down town to "LoneStar" + I can't rave enough what a fantastic place to take kids to eat..........its another place that can handle loud talk, giggling + goofing around. And lets not forget the price ppl...........$10 for a meal, desert + a drink for each kid!! And great food for the adults too!! Then we headed back to Stratty for some birthday cake, hallway soccer, guitar playing + a bit of All Black watching.............then home!!

I was the one that did the driving around of the boys. They cracked me up with their theories of the world + life in general. Also it was good to see Finn with his friends + just be himself. Finn's not a very open book + i'm learning to respect this.............its hard as I'm so the opposite. Also listening to him talk made it even more real that he's his own person with his own thoughts, opinions + feelings. I did know this but yesterday just confirmed it a little bit more + that he's not my little boy anymore. Ohhh its hard letting them go!!

And hey here we are the proud parents of a wonderful 9yr old!!

So I'm looking forward to school finishing on Friday + less running around! Its being a super crazy term with spring happening on the farm, kids after school activities + me at the gym........I'm one tired mama!! And let me add my tail bone still hurts..............esp when I sneeze!!.........LOL

so yeah rollon Friday + bring some good holiday fun!! Lots of hanging out + going to some school holiday fun programmes + I think the kids have got their eye on some movies that are coming out too. Also daylight savings is coming.......yeah!!

and check this out............... This was for SBO's comp challenge 2...........had to use a label.
I love how this came out! I used one of the KR's kits. Love those kits!


Lissy said...

How did you get old enough to have a nine year old :) Doesn't time fly!

Donna said...

Happy Birthday Finn!! I so get you with your comments on him being his own person. It's weird to accept this but also cool to see them growing up with their own indiviuality huh?
Hope you're all good!