Friday, June 26, 2009

I wish I could dazzle you.........

but its been a funny old mth + life has just happened!
I know its mid winter but June is one of my fav mths
1. kev's not milking
2. we get a long weekend
3. we get to yell at our in kids public.......but nothing but pure encouragement as they play their winter sport.
4. its nearly the school hols
5. and of course the most important.........its my birthday!!

so with a sad heart I ask if you have any spare prayers or positive thoughts that you send them via a family from our school + kindy who lost their beauitful 6yr old son, Andre in a crash this week.
And maybe one for me to help heal my broken tail truly is becoming a right royal pain in the butt!!



Donna said...

Happy Birthday Rach! Enjoy the rest of June and the holidays. Such sad news about the little boy. Just not fair.

Chris Millar said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow! Hope you have a super day!

Sh!t, how did you break your tail bone? And how sad about little Andre - devastating!

Hope you're thoroughly enjoying your time with Kev.

Big birthday hugs!

Lara said...

Enjoy your birthday!

How sad for your community and Andre's family.

Tracy said...

Yay for an awesome June! Sorry to hear about the loss of Andre. Happy Bday for tommorrow!

Gigi said...

hope you had a fabulous birthday!!

& so sorry to hear of the loss of little heartbreaking! i'll be sure to keep him & his family in my prayers :)